Essays on Addiction and Youth Nasha aur yuva varg essay in english

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Essays on Addiction and Youth Nasha aur yuva varg essay in english

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Essays on Addiction and Youth Nasha aur yuva varg essay in english


Essays on Addiction and Youth Nasha aur yuva varg essay in english

Hello friends, today we are intoxicated Young people will know essays on this subject. In fact, alcoholism is not the only problem in today’s society, but other intoxicants; Such as opium, marijuana, hashish, cocaine, hemp, LSD and other narcotic drugs and herbs etc. are being used in large quantities.

Excessive amounts of narcotics
Consumption remains a concern. Many countries in Europe, America and Asia are affected by it. It has often been observed that once a person becomes addicted to this type of drug, it is very difficult to give it up.

History of drug use
It is very ancient and has been used in one form or another in the far eastern and western countries of Europe, Asia. For example, drugs have been used in India since ancient times.

An intoxicant called Som Ras in Hindu scriptures
Material and cannabis are mentioned to be used as medicine. Cannabis is considered to be Shivaji’s favorite drink. On the day of Shivratri, most people consume cannabis. Thus the use of many intoxicants has also received some religious acceptance in India.

On the festival of Holi in our country Cannabis is often used. Here saints and mahatmas often use marijuana, hashish and cocaine. The use of opium has also increased in India. Some people use it as medicine. Opium use has increased not only in India but all over the world.

Drugs in India in the last decade
The use of substances has increased. Drugs include heroin, morphine, opium, mandrix, cocaine, etc. Now Smack has also been added. In fact drugs are sold by peddlers.

Who have a huge following of their agents
And a good trap is laid. These people are responsible for destroying the lives of many of our promising youth. Our future generation is being crippled by the use of these drugs.

Indian Hospital in 1986 The survey conducted by the Research Council shows that now talented and good students consume more of these substances than normal and mentally retarded students.

Excessive drug use
Has been found at the time of examinations. Most of the students use these substances to relieve fatigue or reduce stress. Some students consume these substances thinking that taking them speeds up the memory.

Big cities according to the survey 25% of students in schools and colleges were found to be using drugs. This addiction was found in 35% of Delhi University students. This percentage is higher in those educational institutions where the level of education is relatively good and where students are given more discounts.

Really intoxicating in schools Intake of substances is becoming a matter of concern. This is more common among public school students.

Department of Social Work, Delhi University
According to Prof. PN Govil, one of the major causes of drug addiction is lack of traditional close and personal relationship between teachers and students. According to you, the rapidly changing environment of the society is also responsible for this to a great extent.

Nowadays if you own in society If you want to be respected, then you have to drink alcohol and cigarettes. At the same time, you say that drugs are easily available.

If the intake of drugs is limited
If it is done only on limited occasions then it does not have bad results. The use of opium was probably started by Muslim traders in the seventh century. During the Muslim rule, the use of narcotics like opium, hashish, marijuana etc. had increased in India.

In the time of Akbar and the sixteenth century In the latter part of the year, the use of drugs is mentioned in some classes of individuals, but nowadays the use of drugs has become more, as its use has increased a lot in the teaching class, especially among the students.

On the problem of drugs in our country
The public’s attention was drawn when various types of drugs were seized by the police during raids in Goa, Mumbai and Delhi. A large quantity of smack was recovered from the militants in Patiala district.

After some time, the police took him from Amritsar to Delhi Going caught a truck which had 110 bags full of smack. Priced at Rs 22 crore in the international market. Thus, it is clear that the prevalence of drugs in our country is constantly increasing.

Government of India also especially the youth Is concerned about drug abuse and has made several efforts to improve by opening drug detox centers in hospitals and other places.

Directions to Delhi, Mumbai and other metros
Many voluntary organizations are also making more efforts. Efforts are being made to raise awareness against the use of narcotics through airwaves and Doordarshan, nook meetings, plays. In fact, if we want sincerely

That our country may make all-round progressIf education is fully developed and our youth become functional then we have to control the use of drugs.

In every citizen of Indian society
It is necessary to awaken the consciousness that the consumption of narcotics is more dangerous than rushing towards a burning fire or stormy river, because it destroys both body and soul.