Essays on distant drums are pleasant dur ke dhol suhavane essay in english

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Essays on distant drums are pleasant dur ke dhol suhavane essay in english

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Essays on distant drums are pleasant dur ke dhol suhavane essay in english


Essays on distant drums are pleasant dur ke dhol suhavane essay in english

Hello friends, today we are far away
Drums are pleasant, you will know essays on this subject. A total of 2 essays are given in this article which you can read one by one. The general meaning of this proverb is that the sound of drums ringing in the distance sounds great, but
As he gets closer, his sweetness disappears And she starts to look unpleasant. When we hear a lot of praise for a person or an object, but do not find it worthy of such praise when we come in contact with it, it is said that ‘distant drums seem pleasant.’

Any object looks beautiful from a distance. The reason for this is that we cannot see the defects of the distant object. Distance casts a shadow over his faults. We only hear compliments from people about one’s faults, there is very little discussion about his faults. The result is that his appeal to us increases.

On the other hand, closer than that
Objects seem trivial to us. But the reality is something else. That is why it is said that Dari leads to enchantment. Good and bad are identified only when approaching.

The distant mountain ranges look extremely picturesque, But when we get close to seeing their inaccessibility, the limbs swell and courage begins to respond. When a person speaks in support of human qualities like kindness, forgiveness, generosity etc.,.

So we are very impressed to hear him. Other people By hearing the praise of that person, we become convinced of his greatness. But when we come in close contact with that person and see him treating his wife, children, servants etc. ruthlessly, then the faith in our heart towards him becomes camphor. We begin to hate him.

When distant drums sound pleasant, people They start neglecting the people close to them. They also start neglecting the virtues of their acquaintances or relatives. It is also said that intimate acquaintance gives rise to disobedience – ‘Ati parichayadavajna bhavati.’

Not only that, or your relatives Even the common faults of acquaintances seem very big to them. Their attachment to home diminishes and they get lost in the glitter of the outside world. They seem to love foreign countries more than the country.

It is true that foreign things are extremely attractive,
But many indigenous things are also of excellent quality. People often run abroad in the desire to get rich quick by leaving a good job or business in their country.

Even if their misfortune is abroad, but
They do not like living in the homeland. News of the plight of Indian expatriates in the Middle East and Gulf countries is often published in newspapers, but people are eager to visit these countries.

Which distant drums seem pleasant, He is a person of weak mind. He is dissatisfied with his current situation. It is commendable to try to move forward by being dissatisfied with the present situation, but it is inappropriate to lose even the things that have come into your hands by falling into the trap of external attraction.

All but half of such individuals The proverb of ‘Dhavai, adhi rahai na sari pavai’ is fully applicable. To avoid this kind of plight we must give up the dissatisfied attitude. One should be satisfied with whatever one gets from one’s hard work.

To meet your needsA. After getting enough money, one should give up the desire to get more money. Saint Kabir has said, those who do not have any desire in their mind, those who have given up the desire to collect, those who do not care about condemnation or praise of people, they are also kings of kings.

‘Wanted, anxiety gone, mind careless.

Those who do not need turtles, they breathe.

This kind of feeling arises Only when it happens will the distant drums stop feeling pleasant. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting. And don’t forget to read the second essay given below. Thank you.

Essay 2

Essays on distant drums are pleasant dur ke dhol suhavane essay in english

The world is a unique storehouse of infinite objects. An object looks beautiful then an ugly one. Beauty and ugliness really depend on our attitude. The same is beautiful for those who are interested in it. When there is no interest, even a beautiful object looks ugly.

There is so much truth in thisEqually true, every object in the world looks beautiful from afar. The closer you look at that thing, the less beautiful it becomes. As long as something is far from us, unattainable, only then do we find it dear.

Once she received that, Our interest also ends. Then we begin to love the other, the distant object. One special thing about man is that he is a lover of attraction. He is constantly bound in the attraction of some object.

The object that attracts him Whatever it is, but one thing is for sure, he is more attracted to the outside. This attraction whether physical or financial Or something else. But he is a victim of external attraction
Happens very quickly. Look at this, he is more attached to his girlfriend than the wife who is his life partner! Because the wife is with him all the time.

Girlfriends sometimes stealthily Is found. Some people love abroad more than their country. This is also the reason behind it – external attraction. There are many people who are more attached to strangers than to their relatives, kin. They don’t care about any of their people.

Lack of attachment to home, There is only one element in the root of all these things – feeling sweeter abroad than the country – sweet drums from afar! The external attraction which is more in the mind of man, is not proper. This external attraction is indicative of the weakness of the human mind.

His dissatisfaction with this Attitude manifests. Dissatisfaction in everything, dissatisfaction is fatal for man. What is the use of leaving what is in your hand and following what is running away? Sometimes you have to regret leaving your job and catching another.

Our situation will be like ‘Leave half, run all, stay half, don’t get all’. Kabir has said, “Anxiety is gone, Manuwan is careless. Those who don’t need anything are the king of Sosahab.” When this kind of feeling is created, why do distant drums start sounding pleasant? Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.