Essays on Doordarshan and Education Essay on Television And Education in Hindi

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Essays on Doordarshan and Education Essay on Television And Education in Hindi

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Essays on Doordarshan and Education Essay on Television And Education in Hindi


Essays on Doordarshan and Education Essay on Television And Education in Hindi

Hello friends, today we Essays on Doordarshan and Education You will know essays on this subject. Our country has accepted democratic governance. The success of democracy depends on the education of the general public. Education enhances the qualities of empathy, brotherhood, co-operation, tolerance, selflessness etc. in people. These qualities lead to the success of democracy. It is clear from this that education is of paramount importance in our lives.

Doordarshan has revolutionized the field of education. Doordarshan includes both visual and audio mediums. The education that is given by using these two mediums together is very effective. On Doordarshan we can listen to educational programs as well as watch them.

This makes it easier to understand academic issues. Due to this feature, Doordarshan has proved to be a very important means of education.

The population of our country is growing very fast. The number of students in schools, colleges and universities is constantly increasing. But the facilities of libraries, laboratories etc. are not increasing in that proportion.

In such a situation Dardarshan can become an effective medium of education. Through Doordarshan, complex science experiments can be presented to the students. Through Doordarshan, students can be given direct information of historical events.

They can be introduced to the life, civilization and culture of the people of the country and abroad. Doordarshan presents the whole world in our small room. Through it we can see the events of the past live and enjoy the world tour.

Not only this, with the help of Doordarshan, students can also get knowledge of the subjects which are difficult to get information in the small class of the school.

Millions of people in our country are illiterate even today. Doordarshan can play an important role in making illiterate people literate and educated. Doordarshan is an excellent means of reaching a large crowd. Through this, farmers can be given information about developed and scientific methods of farming.

Professional skills of people engaged in various occupations can be enhanced. People can be taught life skills and handicrafts. The general public can be informed about the changes taking place in the world. People can be introduced to new discoveries and inventions.

The general public can be educated in the true sense by making them aware of the ill effects of dowry, child marriage, over-spending in marriage, etc. through educational social programs.

According to the census of ’01, only 65.38 percent of the population of our country has become literate. Therefore, from the point of view of economic development of the country, adult education should be spread more and more. Doordarshan can prove to be a very effective medium for making progress in this direction.

Today, Doordarshan centers have been established in every corner of the country. Through them illiterate adults can be made literate as well as made aware of their social responsibility. They can be made aware of the adverse consequences of superstitions and evils.

They can be informed about the current problems of the country and can be motivated to cooperate in development works. The most convenient thing is that adults will not need to go to any school, but they will be able to get all this information through Doordarshan programs while sitting in their homes.

In fact, proper use of Doordarshan can make a significant contribution in the field of education. It is a matter of great pleasure that the Government of India and the State Governments are making commendable efforts in this direction and the good results of their efforts are beginning to be seen. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.