Essays on modern means of entertainment Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment in Hindi

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Essays on modern means of entertainment Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment in Hindi

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Essays on modern means of entertainment Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment in Hindi


Essays on modern means of entertainment Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment in Hindi

Hello friends, today we Essays on modern means of entertainment You will know essays on this subject. In this article Total 2 essays Given that you can read one by one. Entertainment has an important place in human life. Due to being engaged in work from morning to evening, dullness and fatigue come in human life.

Rejuvenate the body and mind
She needs entertainment to make it. Entertainment transmits new energy and vitality to the human mind. Healthy recreation keeps the balance of his life and he can succeed in fulfilling his responsibilities.

In the present age, science has made the field of entertainment
Dominance is accumulated. The old-fashioned means of entertainment still exist today. But their popularity is rapidly declining ahead of the scientific means of entertainment. Even today people entertain with cards, chess, carom, wrestling etc., but day by day the importance of these instruments is getting less and less.

The busyness of life is increasing And man is getting lonely in the crowd around him. As a result, he is increasingly leaning towards scientific means of entertainment. In scientific means of entertainment TV, Internet, YouTube Has an important place. Through this we can listen to programs based on music, literature, art etc. from home and abroad.

Internet From we get news from home and abroad. It also broadcasts eye-witness accounts of various sports competitions, which gives us ample entertainment.Internet Drama presents ancient historical events,

From which our ancient civilization and Glimpses of culture.Internet We can easily take them anywhere, in urban or rural areas. If power is not available, it can also be run on batteries. Because of these features today Internet Has reached the corners of the country.

Movies or movies are also important means of entertainment. It is both visual and audible. With the help of films, a variety of stories are presented to the audience. Many instruments like music, dance, musical instruments, lighting etc. are used in their presentation.

Small and big of the country There are cinemas in places in all the cities and towns. But now V. C. R., Cable T. V. As a result of the spread of etc., the importance of cinemas is getting less and less.

Television is at the forefront of scientific means of entertainment.
Doordarshan is gaining traction in both urban and rural areas of the country. Like cinema, this medium is both audio and visual. Cinema facilities are not everywhere, while Doordarshan is present almost everywhere and in every home. Doordarshan programs can be watched sitting at home as per your convenience.

Until recently on television only ‘Doordarshan’s programs were broadcast. But now b. B. C., G. T. V., Star T. V. Etc. Private companies have also been allowed to enter this area. Now these private companies also present their programs on television. All other means of entertainment have faded ahead of television. Other scientific means of entertainment include tape recorders, videos, video games, etc.

These scientific instruments do entertain us,
We also get information about art, civilization and culture of the country and abroad. But excessive use of these means, especially Doordarshan, hinders the study of students. Many times inferior programs are aired on Doordarshan.

General harmful effects Has to Dardarshan and video films are also a waste of time. Therefore, we should use these scientific means of entertainment judiciously. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it. And don’t forget to read the second essay given below. Thank you.

Essay 2

Essays on modern means of entertainment Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment in Hindi

Entertainment is a natural part of man Is required. Man, tired from work and bored with monotony, wants to please his mind somehow. Entertainment is to paint the mind with the color of happiness. Man has invented various means for entertainment.

Means of entertainment according to time Keep changing In ancient times dance, music, gambling and shooting were the main means of entertainment. The people of the ruling class used to entertain themselves by hunting and chariot racing. The duel of animals and birds also entertained the people well.

Wonderful means of entertainment today The revolution has come. A few decades ago, people used to watch puppet games, plays and gimmicks. Gramophones rang from house to house. Jade’s games, fairs and spectacles of nuts also had good colors. Wrestling rings also used to draw people towards the arenas.

Then came the age of movies.
The films captivated the minds of the general public by presenting a unique combination of song, music, dance, acting, story and dialogue. Radio has been a good source of entertainment for many years. Doordarshan just opened the box of entertainment. He has won the hearts of young and old with his live broadcasts, serials and other programs.

Household means of entertainment, Carrom, ping pong, badminton, chess and fours are played with great hobbies. Outdoor or outdoor sports are dominated by cricket, football, volleyball and tennis. International matches in cricket, football and tennis To t. V. Millions of people see the unique joy and thrill Experience. Horse racing enthusiasts arrive at the racecourse grounds.

Nowadays the mind on the internet by computer Has found a new way to entertain. On it you can see the view of any place sitting at home. On the Internet, you can talk openly with your friends and make new friends.

The Internet connects us to the whole world.
Literature is also of great importance in modern means of entertainment. Stories, novels and magazines also entertain people with knowledge. The hobby of photography is also a unique pastime in itself.