Famine is a terrible problem Hindi essay | Write down a specific problem

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Famine is a terrible problem Hindi essay | Write down a specific problem

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Famine is a terrible problem Hindi essay | Write down a specific problem


Famine is a terrible problem Hindi essay | Write down a specific problem

Hello friends, today we Famine is a terrible problem Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. India is an agricultural country. About seventy two percent of the population of this country resides in more than six lakh villages. The main occupation of the people living in the villages is agriculture. Therefore, agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy.

The agriculture of this country is based entirely on rainfall. If there is no timely rainfall or less than sufficient quantity, then agricultural production decreases. Conversely, if the rainfall is heavy, the rivers flood and the standing crops are swept away. Thus, in both drought and over-rainfall, the risk of famine increases.

The situation becomes very serious in the famine that occurs when there is less or no rain. When there is famine, agricultural production decreases. Prices of agricultural products skyrocket. The purchasing power of lower and middle class people is limited anyway.

When inflation rises, they start wailing. Poor farmers start selling their cattle and land for shells. Becomes hoarders and usurers. Lack of rainfall leads to drinking water crisis. The water level of the reservoirs of the dams starts falling. It becomes difficult for industries to supply water and electricity.

As a result industrial production decreases. In times of drought, the government has to spend a lot on providing employment to the people and providing fodder for the animals. This stops other development programs.

When there is excess rain, the rivers flood. The standing crops are swept away. There is a lot of loss of money and animals. Landslides close railways and roads. Large scale relief work has to be started in flood prone areas. This puts a heavy burden on the coffers of the government and slows down the pace of economic development of the country.

Our country is counted among the vast countries of the world. In this vast country, there is always the problem of famine or drought due to drought or flood in some part. Droughts in some states and floods in others are seen at the same time. Thus the problem of drought or flood is a national problem and its solution should be found only at the national level.

Fifty years after independence, even in this country, immediate solution to the problem like famine or flood is done. In case of drought, programs like construction of roads, supply of fodder for animals, increase in employment opportunities, provision of financial assistance etc. are started by the government.

On the other hand, in case of floods, large scale relief work has to be started. But these programs do not provide a lasting solution to the problem.

In the northern part of our country there are evergreen rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra. By removing canals from them, their excess water should be taken to the rivers of South India. This will alleviate the flood crisis in the riverine areas of North India and provide adequate water for irrigation to the allied areas of South India.

Our country’s agriculture is dependent on monsoon rains. Therefore, the country’s observatories will have to be enabled to make accurate monsoon-related predictions at the appropriate time. Deforestation reduces rainfall and increases flood intensity.

To solve this problem, the people of the country have to protect the forests by planting more and more trees. We have to find solutions to the problems of famine and floods as national problems, otherwise they will become a curse for our national life. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.