Farmer’s Autobiography Hindi Essay | kisan ki aatmhatya essay in english

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Farmer’s Autobiography Hindi Essay | kisan ki aatmhatya essay in english

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Farmer’s Autobiography Hindi Essay | kisan ki aatmhatya essay in english


Farmer’s Autobiography Hindi Essay | kisan ki aatmhatya essay in english

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Given that you can read one by one. I am an Indian farmer. I was born in a small village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh. My father was a mediocre farmer. Mataji was a simple woman with religious views. We were three brothers. I was the youngest of the brothers. So I got a little too much pampering from my parents.

When I grew up, Dad Enrolled my name in the village school. I was more interested in sports than reading and writing. Whenever there were sports competitions in the school, I used to get the first prize in almost every competition.

My education is systematic
Kept going and I passed the high school exam in first class. Now I started planning to get admission in college for further studies. Meanwhile, under pressure from a distant relative, my father married me.

But Vidhata has something else
Was approved. In the same year, in the summer, cholera epidemic spread in my village and my father along with many other people of the village also fell victim to that epidemic.

The effect on my shoulders and the filling of the wife– The burden of nutrition has come. Constrained, I set out in search of a job. But even after wandering for a long time, I got frustrated. Then I decided to take up my ancestral business of farming.

I took over the farming work
In the beginning I had a lot of problems. Today’s agriculture requires a lot of investment. Chemical fertilizers, improved seeds. Pesticides etc. have to be used extensively. These materials have become quite expensive. After using these, one has to go through natural disasters.

Sometimes with flood, then sometimes
Due to drought, the standing crop in the fields becomes fourfold. Even if some produce remains after being kept for subsistence, it does not get a fair price in the market. Thus farming makes it difficult to make a living.

From time to time on behalf of the Government
Schemes for the welfare of farmers are announced. Schemes are also started. But even the wind of these schemes does not reach small farmers like us. Whatever arrangement the government makes for the convenience of the farmers, it becomes useless by getting entangled in the red tape of bureaucracy.

Overwhelmed by all these difficulties Sometimes I think of going to a city and doing a small job. But when I look at my family, I throw this idea out of my mind. I have already told you that my father had married me as soon as I passed the high school exam. By the grace of God I am now also the father of two sons.

That is my wish Let me teach my sons a lot, so that their future is bright. They should not have to face lifelong difficulties like me.

Of the reform of the Indian agricultural system
So what can I suggest? Nevertheless, my request is that small and cottage industries should be started and developed in the villages to curb rising unemployment. Special attention should be paid to make the regime corruption free. There should be facilities of electricity, drinking water, hospital etc. in the villages, so that some comfort can come in the life of the people of the village.

Part of our country India is agriculture oriented. About seventy two percent of the country’s population resides in more than six lakh villages here. Agriculture is our country The mainstay of the economy is our country Farmers are very important in India.

So the government to the farmers
Special attention should be paid towards welfare, because the progress and development of our country is possible only with the prosperity of farmers and villages. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it. And don’t forget to read the second essay given below. Thank you.

Essay 2

Farmer’s Autobiography Hindi Essay | kisan ki aatmhatya essay in english

Come on, urban babu, sit down. Cold water PGA. I am a farmer. Lives in the village. No matter how much change has taken place in your city, the farmer of India has not forgotten his culture even today. I consider the guest to be a deity. If you want to hear my life story, listen.

I was born in this Ratanpur village and
I grew up playing sports. I am the son of a modest farmer. I spent my childhood playing games like Gulli-Danda, Luka-Chhipi, Kabaddi with my rural friends. In the village school I studied till 4th class. From a young age, he started sharing his father’s hand in farming.

Just now my warts were soaking wet I was married. Happiness was the only happiness in our house in those days. I had now taken over all the responsibility of farming. I would plow and reach my farm in the morning. There plowing, sowing, irrigating or weeding according to the weather and need.

Harvesting when the crop is ready-Would have engaged in the work of threshing. Dad used to come to the farm after worshiping at home and visiting Ramji in the temple. In the afternoon my wife would bring food for both of us. After eating we would rest for a while and then go to work.

Sometimes the wife also helps us
Used to In the evening we would return home. Seeing the pile of grain in the barn was not our happy place. Two years ago, I took my parents to visit Baba Amarnath. While returning, the killer fell ill with cold and died on the way.

On losing parents like this
I was very sad, but who can walk before God? There was a famine last year. Farming was killed without rain. The government provided grain at cheap prices. Also send tankers full of water. Heard this year, there will be good rains. See what Ramji does.

Babu, fill your stomach somehow
Yes, but the real concern is the daughter’s marriage. Your hand is empty. Now the daughter’s hands will have to turn yellow only after taking a loan from Mahajan. To be honest, the life of a farmer is full of many difficulties. Even after so many years of independence, electricity here, There are not enough facilities for water, treatment or education. Only festivals and celebrations add new juice to our dry life.

Like Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan
Festivals and fairs give us new impetus to live. Bhajan-kirtan is performed on Ram Navami and Janmashtami. Now I am old. My son handles most of the farming work. I keep doing Haribhajan while sitting at the door.

Some saint-saint comes,
So I treat him according to my strength. No beggar returns empty-handed from my door. This year I have been elected Sarpanch of the village. By staying in this post, if I can free the village from the evils of gambling, drug addiction, illiteracy etc., then I will consider my life blessed. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting