Forest Festival Marathi Essay | Van Mahotsav Essay Marathi

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Forest Festival Marathi Essay | Van Mahotsav Essay Marathi

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Forest Festival Marathi Essay | Van Mahotsav Essay Marathi


Forest Festival Marathi Essay | Van Mahotsav Essay Marathi

Hello friends, today is the Apanvan Mahotsav Marathi essay Let’s see. A forest festival was organized in our school. There was an atmosphere of excitement throughout the school. Each child brought a sapling. It was decided which tree to plant in the school premises. Marks were made everywhere.

Care must be taken when planting; Because you have to consider the extent of each plant and how far its roots can spread. The chief guest was coming. They would plant trees and then everyone would plant trees. The chief guests were arborists.

They continue the nursery in their land Was done. His aim was to celebrate the forest festival by giving free saplings to everyone. There were billboards everywhere in the school. From this, there was text and pictures on the theme ‘One’ is a national asset, protect the national asset.

There were placards of ‘Chipko movement’. ‘Vrikshavalli Amha Soyari Vanchare ‘was filled with a painting-exhibition by making pictures decorated with such subhasitas. The children had worked very hard for this exhibition. The tree trunk was removed. The children were disciplined by carrying the saplings brought by each child on their heads. The procession started with basil plants in the palanquin. At that time

The children had placards in their hands. That Announcements were written on the boards. ‘Plant trees, keep trees alive’, ‘Trees are our friends’,’ We will not cut down trees; I will not break it. ‘ The announcements were loud. The area around the school was in a state of panic. Everyone had gathered to watch the procession. There was a lot of enthusiasm and discipline.

Plantation program Started. Earlier, the guests spoke about the importance of the forest festival. He said, “Forests now cover 60% of the earth Only 30% remain in the area. If such forests are reduced, the balance of nature will be disturbed, rain will not fall on time, temperature will rise; Therefore, there is a need for growth, protection and conservation of forests.

There is no point in just planting trees; So they have to grow, they have to live. ” Everyone applauded. Then the trees were planted. The headmaster and teachers watered the plants. This forest festival was celebrated in the school.

Everyone should come from the heart Participated in the festival and brought the true meaning of Saint Tukaram’s abhanga. ‘Vrikshavalli Amha, Soyari Vanchare’. Various programs were organized throughout the week. Forest, Showing documentary on trees Came. One day everyone had a picnic together. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks