Global Terrorism Research and Enlightenment Marathi Essay | Jagtik Dahshatvad Shodh Ani Bodh Essay In Marathi

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Global Terrorism Research and Enlightenment Marathi Essay | Jagtik Dahshatvad Shodh Ani Bodh Essay In Marathi

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Global Terrorism Research and Enlightenment Marathi Essay | Jagtik Dahshatvad Shodh Ani Bodh Essay In Marathi


Global Terrorism Research and Enlightenment Marathi Essay | Jagtik Dahshatvad Shodh Ani Bodh Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today we are exploring and teaching global terrorism We will look at Marathi essays. India’s paradise (Kashmir) got a bath of blood. The glory of America fell to the ground in an instant. There was a tremor all over the world.

Of unrest in the wings of the messenger of peace Katyar infiltrated because of single-terrorist riots, terrorist riots, terrorist riots. Global terrorism has been a topic of public debate and concern for many years.

US at World Trade Center and Pentagon The attack took place, and within 26 days, the United States declared war on Afghanistan. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base.

The Birth of International Terrorism: Wrong Policies, extortion, plunder of resources, encroachment on autonomy, feeling of being crushed in Bhumiputra. The birth of terrorism from ethnic and class conflicts. An attempt was made in international politics to give a communal meaning to terrorism.

Causes of international terrorism: Given the current state of affairs, it is likely that the flames of terrorism will not be extinguished in the world today. Terrorism has hit all nations of the world.

Will the ashes of nuclear weapons fall on you? The plane, loaded with passengers, hijacked from the US airport and entered the tower and the Pentagon with its occupants. This new weapon was used in warfare, to use people as weapons to kill people.

The catastrophic consequences of biological nuclear weapons Ax’s fears are darkening जै biological terrorism in the form of anthrax is now spreading around the world in order to teach the United States a lesson.

Both are equal enemies of humanity. Our crusade is a crusade. And jihad against it is a crusade. That’s what they say. This shows their Dharmaveda.

Pro-Hindu on December 6, 1992 The organizations openly carried out terrorist acts to demolish the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. In response, Muslim terrorists carried out massive bomb blasts in Mumbai, with Hindu terrorism taking the form of Muslim terrorism.

But there are hundreds of innocent people in it The victim, however, passed away. The December 13 attack on the Parliament House foiled an attempt by terrorist groups to assassinate India’s top leaders. This is an attack on the very identity of terrorism, from which terrorism existed yesterday, is today and will continue tomorrow, perhaps the nature of terrorism will change.

Economic, political security and terrorism Terrorism has always trampled on the values ​​of democratic freedom and equality. Therefore, the nature of terrorism is anti-Dalit-exploited. The language used by the terrorists, however, is that of a revolutionary fighting for equality and justice. E.g. The attack on America is a lesson taught to the exploiters by the exploiters.

If America does injustice to the Third WorldTerrorist organizations and terrorism in Kashmir: There are three main types of extremists who raise the flag of insurgency in Kashmir.

Than the first religious sentiment in Kashmir Pakistani organizations took advantage of these rebellious youths who were obsessed with the idea of ​​gaining independence. Azad was keen to make Kashmir independent; The second is in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan Anarchist third is Afghanistan, Pakistan And mercenary rebels from other countries who commit acts of terrorism just for the sake of their stomachs.

Like Lashkar-e-Toiba al-Qaeda Terrorist organizations and their aims are to create fear and confusion and to create chaos.

The training center of this movement Trained in camps along the Pak-Afghan border, he founded the Islamic Salvation Foundation because of bin Laden’s fanaticism.

The unprecedented rise of Osama bin Laden The challenge cannot be underestimated by the awful power that is looming on the horizon of terrorism. Its declared goal is to liberate Kashmir from the faithless. Laden is America’s number one enemy

Now India along with America At the same level, the enemy believes that Osama bin Laden and his al-Badal organization have not only provided money and weapons to the organizations in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir, but have spread their network around the world.

Plane hijacking aerial piracy On January 1, 2000, hijackers hijacked an Indian airliner in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and demanded the release of three changing Kashmiri militants.

Terrorist demands on India It had to be done because at that time it was the first duty to save many innocent lives. Thus, terrorism is at the international level; But today, local terrorism is just as prevalent.

Terrorism and combat No war, no peace: Terrorist forces will be defeated because the immortal power of the world, the people’s power, is taking to the streets of Japan, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam, Palestine carrying the slogan ‘No war, no peace’.

When this human power hits the road, Then these terrorists, the super-terrorists leave the battlefield. The Vietnam War has been blamed on the Bush administration by the American people. Don’t ask eye to eye, so the whole world is blind.

Terrorist Attack Dominance was challenging. It was also somewhat symbolic. The attack on the World Trade Center was a shock to America’s unconventional power – the concept of globalization; but the attack on the Patagon was a shock to its intellectual dominance – military might.

The US counter-attack against that Isn’t it terrorism? Mahatma Gandhi’s warning was on the billboards in the hands of the people of Japan when the US had earlier shown a similar glimpse of its nuclear capability on Hiroshima Nagasaki in Japan.

Value-based people’s struggle is the solution: Whether or not the rise of Islamic terrorism around the world will lead to a crusade is unlikely. Not all Muslims in the world support this fundamentalism. One percent of the world’s 100 million Muslims do not support Muslim terrorism.

The religion of Afghans is that of terrorists Karni terrorists are doing it for their own selfish ends. They misinterpret Islam and try to provoke the youth based on their religion.

Air for the fight against terrorism Attitude: September 11 is indeed a day to be marked by golden letters in the history of India, because on the same day, on the platform of Chicago, Swami Vivekananda forcibly, tyrannically, Attempts to impose oppression on another He had warned that if he did, the whole world would be burnt to ashes.

These words were uttered 109 crore years ago The name of the apostle was Swami Vivekananda as if it was a single prophecy.

The Taliban and Osama bin Laden Military action against them will not end American war on terror. The beam of global terrorism should be a holistic approach, India’s role in the fight against terrorism

“Dhyato vishayanayu; sangaste puspajayate.

Musical processing work; The anger of work comes.

Fierce hypnosis; Hypnosis illusion.

Amnesia, dementia, dementia.

If this philosophy in the Bhagavad Gita is omnipresent That’s it; But India should also contribute to the global war by adopting the same philosophy. India should adopt a non-aligned policy while engaging in the war on terror.

At present, India has only two options. One is to oppose terrorism with equal vigor and the other is to embrace the path of peace because one, weapons can kill others. You can’t defend yourself. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks