Grandfather’s gift Marathi essay | AAJOBANCHI BHET MARATHI NIBANDH

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Grandfather’s gift Marathi essay | AAJOBANCHI BHET MARATHI NIBANDH

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Grandfather’s gift Marathi essay | AAJOBANCHI BHET MARATHI NIBANDH


Grandfather’s gift Marathi essay | AAJOBANCHI BHET MARATHI NIBANDH

Hello friends, today you have a grandfather’s visit We will look at Marathi essays. Pen My grandfather gave me a pen as a gift for my birthday. I said to Grandpa, ‘Why Penn Grandpa? I have several pens.

Grandpa said, more than the pens near you This pen is different. Hold it in your hand and hold it close to your ear, through which you will hear a message. Never draw a letter with this pen. Bad writing will ruin this writing. Make the letter ‘Akshar’ with this pen. The letter drawn with this pen will be indestructible.

Will last a long time. Back to Boru’s writing, crunching while drawing letters; This is not a grunt. The only source of knowledge in the world today is writing. Writing is the key to knowledge. Let there be scientific discoveries that make the mind dumb,

May the Mahatma’s mantra-like good thoughts be, Or the painting of a talented artist, who is challenging in real life, the whole thing has come out of this writing and hence the English word ‘fountain pen’. I find the synonym ‘Jharani’ suggested by Savarkar touching. So I love it. There is nothing in this world that does not come out of writing.

The writing is powerful. Keshavsut is called ‘Taraf’. This is what our curry fund provided! ‘ And her closeness seems to have created tremendous confidence in Keshavsutan’s place. On the strength of this, how to give the world Ulthunia! That’s what they say. And that is one hundred percent true.

The movement that continues to this day The revolutions that have taken place, the products that have taken place, are due to this Ivalya writing. Swa. Savarkar’s house was raided by the British police and a large number of items were confiscated from his house. The freedom fighter said quietly, ‘You take all the things in the house; But if you have a confiscated pen, give it back. What does this mean? The most valuable thing in the house is writing.

Because of the writing of many arrogant thrones Dust has been found and many empires have been newly created due to writing. The beautiful carved caves of the divine culture are engraved with writing and the treasures of Kubera are filled with writing. The writing is beautiful.

In your life – The rose gardens here have blossomed with this writing. There is tremendous gravity in writing. There was a strange incident, that this writing is what draws the citizens to the battlefield. Heroes make scientists leap out of real gravity.

That is the writing. To the man in the Tirthaganga It is the writing that makes Nhau-Makhu wear, and Sata – it is the writing that brings the loved ones living overseas closer with silk thread. The greatness of writing! But keep in mind, this writing needs a solid backbone.

She remained stubborn until the end Wanted, like a sailboat. Model. But it will not bend and when will this happen, only when fearless, fearless truths come out of it. Back then we were told that a prisoner would be sentenced to death by a judge. It is written that he should be hanged till he dies. At first glance, the writing was broken and the whole thing was over.

Many times you The wedding can be called. Happy birthday or seventy five. At that time a difficult question arises in front of us. It means ‘What to give as a gift?’ Some churches are smart and ingenious. They choose the right gift. A stick for the celebrant, an armchair for the elderly, a good book for the students.

A few gifts to me at all Do not like E.g. A garland of flowers or a bouquet of flowers that fade the next day. Sometimes such an expensive bunch, that the chest is crushed, on hearing the price.

Some tea men give such gifts; I don’t know whether to appreciate their creativity or not. One man had seventy-five. One of the victims gave him a comb as a gift. The man who was celebrating seventy-five was completely bald. Balanced chaman gota.

One big to your friend And sent two small stones. Correct letter. “You have a lot of bumps in your house,” you told me. This gift as a solution to that. Grab a lump, place it on a small stone, and hit it with a large stone. Your house will be free of clutter.

Winston, who helped England win the war Churchill was as popular as he was unpleasant. He said whatever he wanted; Similar parties kept changing. To make fun of him, a drama company sent him two tickets for a drama experiment.

Sent with ticket The letter read, ‘One ticket for you and another for a friend if you have one.’ Churchill returned both tickets, along with a letter.

The letter read, ‘Yours As soon as the second rehearsal of the play is over, tickets for those rehearsals should be sent. ‘ Say something, good luck and good luck is the real gift. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks