Hindi Essay on Advertising | essay on advertisement in english

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Hindi Essay on Advertising | essay on advertisement in english

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Hindi Essay on Advertising | essay on advertisement in english


Hindi Essay on Advertising | essay on advertisement in english

Essay 1

Hello friends, today we Hindi essay on advertisement You will know essays on this subject. A total of 2 essays are given in this article Which you can read one by one The dawn is a peaceful, blissful atmosphere. You are getting emotional after listening to the text of ‘Ramcharitmanas’ which is being aired on All India Radio. Even after this program is over, you are still lost in it. It is heard in so many – ‘Life boy is where, health is there.’ Immediately your mind is filled with boredom.

If you turn off the radio and get up The morning newspaper is seen lying outside the door.
You pick him up with great curiosity. But you get annoyed when you see the second page full of advertisements like ‘Needed’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Wanted Bride’, ‘Available’, etc. Then seeing the fourth page of the newspaper covered with the balance sheet of a nationalized bank loses your patience and you throw the newspaper aside.

All of a sudden your little brother is screaming loudly. Someone has replaced his ‘gel’ blue toothpaste with white toothpaste. The poor man had bought the toothpaste only yesterday after listening to the song of the advertisement of ‘Jail’, ‘Sari Duniya Mere Liye’! You go out and curse the world of advertising.

In fact, wherever vision goes today, Advertisements are ads. From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we are constantly attacked by advertisements. Today, because of these advertisements, it has become difficult to think independently. Even intelligent people get confused when they reach the world of advertisements.

The word ‘ad’ means, ‘Especially giving memos or information.’ In today’s scientific age, industrial production is taking place in huge quantities. In order to sell these products, it is necessary to convey their information to the public. For this one has to resort to advertisements. Businesses want to attract more and more people to their products for profitable sales. Advertising helps a lot in spreading and growing the business. So all the industrial establishments spend a lot on advertising their products.

No matter how annoyed you are with the ads, It is impossible to escape their trap. Industries and businesses continue to grow. At the same time, new forms of advertisements are being invented for increasing sales of industrial products. Many times low quality content is smeared on people’s throats with the help of advertisements. The general public gets confused due to advertisements. People get entangled in advertisements and buy low quality useless items.

‘Are powerful mediums for advertising
Radio and television. Today, Doordarshan has reached door-to-door. Through it, advertisements of many types of products are presented in a very attractive and psychological way. In order to get rid of grease and oil stains on clothes, housewives sometimes buy a box of a special detergent from a company, sometimes they pick up a special dishwashing soap. Along with hymns and songs, advertisements are also streamed on All India Radio.

Humans in today’s advertising age Has become an advertisement itself. One person is advertising his splendor while sitting in his glittering state-of-the-art car, while the other is showing off his modernity by extending his hair and nails and wearing dirty jeans. So you just get out of the person’s mouth – ‘I’m upset by these ads.’ Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting and given further Don’t forget to read the second essay. Thank you.

Essay 2

In the present age, industrial progress is happening very fast. Many kinds of goods are being made on a very large scale in big factories. Nowadays intense trade competition is going on. The slightest negligence has a tremendous effect on business and sales. Therefore, it is important for industrial enterprises to get market for consumption of goods. It is also necessary to give information to the people about the products produced.

Advertisements for this purpose Have to resort to. Nowadays, advertising is the best way to increase sales or maintain demand for finished goods. That is why in buses, trains, newspapers and magazines, on the radio, on the screens of Doordarshan or cinema, advertisements are predominant everywhere.

There are many types of advertising.
Among these newspapers, magazines, radio, philosophy, cinema etc. are prominent. Ads can only be heard on the radio. Advertisements can only be read in newspapers, magazines etc. We can see and hear advertisements on Doordarshan or cinema screens. Advertising through these mediums is more effective.

Today Doordarshan is both urban and rural
I have reached from house to house. About seventy percent of the people of this country watch Doordarshan. It is clear that Doordarshan is the best medium for advertisements. Many types of advertisements are presented on Doordarshan in an entertaining and psychological manner. Sometimes the accompanying advertisements are more interesting than the Doordarshan programs.

By advertising on Doordarshan Merchants and industrialists have unexpected benefits. As a result, even ordinary materials made by them are sold in huge quantities at good prices. Doordarshan also gets substantial income from these advertisements.

There are several levels of ads that appear on Dardarshan. Some of the ads are of excellent quality and arouse the curiosity of the people towards the relevant content. This type of advertisement also increases people’s knowledge about the production of various commodities. Some ads can only attract children. There are also some advertisements, which sophisticated interested people turn their backs on. Some ads are so exaggerated that people don’t even take them seriously.

Simultaneously while watching Doordarshan programs You also have to watch and listen to advertisements. These advertisements have a profound effect on the minds of the people. Children, teenagers and housewives quickly fall prey to these advertisements. To please the tired husband who has returned from work, the housewife buys expensive tea of ​​specific brand instead of cheap tea.

When a college going teenager watches
That using a particular toothpaste will drive the whole world crazy for him, then he also buys an expensive tube of the same toothpaste. Thus, people get entangled in the cycle of advertising on Doordarshan and buy expensive things, which makes their family budget unbalanced.

Advertising with industrial progress
Also the spread increases. More and more advertisements are given on Doordarshan keeping in view the revenue generated from advertisements. It’s hard to get rid of this advertising. We can only hope that Doordarshan officials will protect us from watching substandard advertisements. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.