Humanity is the true religion Marathi essay | Manavta Hach Khara Dharma Essay in Marathi

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Humanity is the true religion Marathi essay | Manavta Hach Khara Dharma Essay in Marathi

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Humanity is the true religion Marathi essay | Manavta Hach Khara Dharma Essay in Marathi


Humanity is the true religion Marathi essay | Manavta Hach Khara Dharma Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today we humanity is the true religion We will look at Marathi essays. Saneguruji says, ‘True is the religion of one, love the world.’ Everyone should follow this religion.

We have many such examples, That great people who have spent their entire lives in human service. Despite being a Yugoslav woman, Mother Teresa became the mother of Indian orphans and disabled children. He spent his whole life for such children.

Rehabilitation of lepers by Baba Amte By increasing their determination to live, Urmi. By establishing ‘Anandvan’ in the true sense of the word for such brothers, they regained their lost happiness. His own children – Prakash and Vikas – carried on the father’s legacy.

Even their daughters-in-law follow in their footsteps All human beings are children of the same God. Everyone has the same color of blood, everyone has the same anatomy. At the same time, man himself has erected cults, religions, walls of superiority and inferiority among human beings. There are quarrels over that.

This is an insult to humanity Are bringing. Such inequality is an obstacle to human development. In the past, there were hardworking people in the society. She was harassing her fellow citizens in the name of ritual, depriving them of their human rights; Were being thrown into the sand.

In such a situation, all the saints of humanity He taught and set an example in front of everyone through his own conduct. Saint Eknath picked up a Dalit boy who was roaming in the desert. Saint Dnyaneshwar established the Warkari sect and accommodated everyone in it.

Saint Tukaram abhorred discrimination Shivaji Maharaj rewarded humanism; That is why they got the life-giving Mawla. He was with them; That is why he was able to establish Hindavi Swarajya. The only Mawla under his patronage was Nardurg.

With such examples in mind People do not follow his example. That is why quarrels, fights and thefts are on the rise today. You have to say, ‘How many males are there?’

After seeing some such vile men The sisters asked, “Oh man, man, when will you be a man?” Seeing people of different religions arguing with each other, it seems that they are children of the same lord. Why are there differences between them? Such a sense of discrimination diminishes human strength, diminishes organizational strength, and the enemy takes advantage of it.

Whatever crisis befell the country, That all Indians unite and lend a helping hand to each other. The newspaper appeals for financial help for the treatment of a patient; So when does a budding orphan get financial help for education?

Like floods, earthquakes, storms A helping hand comes forward in a natural disaster. It seems that humanity is still alive. Ideas like blood donation, eye donation, body donation take shape,

Social organizations move forward, That is why humanity is the true religion. On a sad or tragic occasion, “The mind is filled like this, it comes out of the eyes, only when there are tears in the eyes, there are people, people!” Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks