I am speaking Chandoba Marathi essay | ME CHANDOBA BOLTOY ESSAY IN MARATHI

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I am speaking Chandoba Marathi essay | ME CHANDOBA BOLTOY ESSAY IN MARATHI

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I am speaking Chandoba Marathi essay | ME CHANDOBA BOLTOY ESSAY IN MARATHI


I am speaking Chandoba Marathi essay | ME CHANDOBA BOLTOY ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today I am talking about Chandoba We will look at Marathi essays. Why did you run away Did you hide behind a lemon tree? Limboni tree Karvandi Mama’s mansion Chirebandi Come to Mama’s mansion, go and eat Tuproti …… All of you once made such a request to me. Don’t you know me Yes

That’s right. I am your uncle; Your Chandoba. I really wanted to talk to you. Yoga has come today, I am an integral part of all your lives. Remember your childhood! You used to eat me every evening looking at me.

One of your evenings without me Isn’t it gone? You are my uncle’s grandson. That is why I am the cause of your mind. My connection with your mind. That is my opinion. It is my responsibility to keep you happy. Seeing my brilliance, seeing my form

Many ideas arose in the mind of the poet. Someone likened me to a beautiful woman’s face. He was hailed as ‘Chandramukhi’, ‘Chandravadana’. I have been instrumental in the creation of many metaphors such as similes, metaphors, metaphors, and parables. Do you agree?

I became the darling of all Saraswats. Without me, their page would not move. I used to be very happy to hear my character. My pride boiled over. A poet said in a poem.

“On the cheek of the moon.

Dev Lavi Galbot. ”

Planted by the mother so that the vision does not apply Galbot proudly carries the moon on his cheek and walks in the sky. I was blessed to read this. You accepted my coldness. So my heart is filled with pride when you are compared to the moon as cool as the moon.

No look, the petals are boiling in the saroja.

No Vadan, only autumn flowers on the moon.

Be the autumn moon, my full moon Shaan is something else. Hey, the fifteenth day of the Marathi month is the full moon. From Pratipada I grow kalekle and full moon appears in full round sky. Then I have a lot of light.

The sky was beautiful. This is every It was a full moon; But on the full moon of the month of Ashwin, my beauty becomes more open. So what, you rasik congregation rejoice a lot with my witness. ThatBe very happy for me Happens. This full moon is called ‘Kaumudi Pournima’. This is what I teach you how to enjoy. In your life, I always create celebration and enthusiasm and inspire poets.

As happy as you were to praise, I was happy too. But sometimes I also get slandered. But then I feel very bad. Seeing the stain on me, you say a lot. Do you know what a poet said while describing Nalaraja’s horse race? That’s right. The poet says,

The amber has started to boil.

The moon will bring its own tanuvari stain.

Wow! Said Nalaraja’s horse The stain on his hooves from scattering is the stain on me! Is this an exaggeration or not? What do you think? Basically my color is not yellow but clear white, silver. And I think he’s a brass bell. Why Pattay?

The second is my grief Eclipse. I feel like I’m eclipsed by whatever you do without knowing exactly what is happening. You people are very superstitious. Learning science, learning geography, gaining knowledge, still does not give up superstition,

I was sad then. I’m far away Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. The fact is that there is disobedience in the very introduction. That’s why humans try to get close to me. Neil Armstrong is the first man to step on me. It was because of him that we got to see humans for the first time.

This yoga will not come forward, This is confirmed. The truth has come out to the world that no human can live on me. Otherwise humans would have occupied me and created a large colony till today. Large tourist organizations would have organized trips as ‘Let’s go to the moon …’. Man, you are wise;

But you are more selfish than that. But remember. You are too much for us. You will never be able to quench your longing for my vision. You mine We have to praise. You have to deal with my artMan, don’t worry about my tunic. I wish you a happy change in me! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks