I am speaking Sahyadri Marathi essay | Mi Sahyadri Boltoy Essay in English

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I am speaking Sahyadri Marathi essay | Mi Sahyadri Boltoy Essay in English

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I am speaking Sahyadri Marathi essay | Mi Sahyadri Boltoy Essay in English


I am speaking Sahyadri Marathi essay | Mi Sahyadri Boltoy Essay in English

Hello friends, today I am speaking Sahyadri We will look at Marathi essays. The magnificent Himalayas, your Amucha, only my Sahyakada, these earthen particles, the grass, the iron, the leaves, the sword, the black water, still flowing lava.

True. I bear millions of breasts Standing firmly by the coat. I have the power to bring back any storm. You Maharashtrians cannot forget me. I am the western backbone of Mother India. My extension is from the Gulf of Khambhat in Gujarat to Kanyakumari.

The western Arabian Sea is yours The salt water transforms into sweet clouds and anoints me in the hot summer season. This anointing has been going on for ages. It has no volume.

Indrayani, Bhima, Krishna, Tungabhrada And Kaveri is my Sukanya. I am proud of all these dryness. My Sukanya is doing a very proud job of glorifying her father’s name. What is the value of providing life to millions of people?

I have divided Maharashtra into two parts. One Konkan and the other country. Although these are two parts, I have my own parts. Their lives are different. There is a difference between their environment, eating and drinking; So of course the two have different temperaments. But their language of love is the same!

Mine living below me Putra is the son of ‘Garuda Putra’ and I am proud of him. In the words of Vasant Bapat.

Ramayana is your India The heroic story of Chhatrapati of India Varsha, the legendary story of my joy, the story of Rajputs

Such is the land of heroes! Tradition of heroes ! All these heroes have enhanced my dignity. Shahir’s slap on the daffa to glorify him, his stone ball thrills. Their rocks roll through my valleys. When the powwows swell, the gates of my heart open, the blood-soaked history awakens again, and the connection with history becomes stronger.

The fort built by Shivaraya is my pride!

The joy of climbing my peaks It is indescribable. When many climbers show their courage, my chest swells with pride. The caves in me are an ancient monument that will never be forgotten. Caves like Sopara, Gharapuri, Jogeshwari, Kanheri, Karla, Bhaja, Nashik, Lenyadri, Ajanta, Ellora have made my beauty more open.

Medications grown on my limbs The plant, the great tree, is my wealth. Needless to say, my research on these plants by Ayurveda is beneficial for curing human life. Many texts discuss this in detail. ‘Malay mountains are a part of me.

Sandalwood trees grow on this mountain. This beautiful body of mine also gives birth to various beautiful, fragrant, delicate flowers. All this is the grace of the God of Nature! The three languages ​​Kannada, Tulu and Marathi wrote and shaped my history.

Creating literature from these languages How to forget literature? They made fun of me and glorified me. I had the company of many saints.

Kabir Mazha, Tulsi Mazha, Dnyaneshwar pari majhacha jayadevacha jai bola pari majha namayacha nach jani janardan baghanara to

She is so close to me It happened forever. In this way, the path of devotion towards Bhima has opened for me. Indeed, I am blessed, I am lucky. I had the company of many saints. Everyone respects me as ‘Father’.

I am my brother, of course, the lofty Himalayas I have been following in his footsteps and I will continue to do so. Nice to meet you. Thanks! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks