I am talking about cleaning staff Marathi essay | Mi Safai Karmachari Boltoy Essay in English

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I am talking about cleaning staff Marathi essay | Mi Safai Karmachari Boltoy Essay in English

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I am talking about cleaning staff Marathi essay | Mi Safai Karmachari Boltoy Essay in English


I am talking about cleaning staff Marathi essay | Mi Safai Karmachari Boltoy Essay in English

Hello friends, today I am talking about cleaning staff We will look at Marathi essays. Friends, I am a simple cleaner talking to you today. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But I want to tell you something.

When you say cleaner Don’t you have a runny nose? Ah, but when you collect garbage, do you hold your nose because of the stench coming from it? So in fact you must be remembering me. My work is considered fourth-class work; So I don’t get respect in the society. Okay.

I education, knowledge the least Is of quality; But you can’t insult me. Because labor prestige is important! No work is superior or inferior. Every work is superior in its own place.

Everyone does their job honestly and If done carefully, it will definitely benefit the society. My role model is Saint Gadge Baba. Gadge Baba used to snore in his hand and sweep the whole village.

Along with village cleaning, it is in the minds of the people Do the cleaning. He used to enlighten the people through kirtan and bhajan. Never want to eat for free. He gave prestige to labor. Eat hard, he taught. Now that I’m a cleaner, I don’t mind.

Classification of work The work should be good Therefore, it was only for the convenience of work. If everyone decides to do big prestigious work, then who will do small work? Today we do cleaning work so how pleasant and healthy the environment becomes! Isn’t it tempting to work in such an environment? Confess with an open heart.

Dirt spread everywhere, Infection with germs will endanger public health, spread disease, and increase mortality. The better the health, the better the work. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A happy life cannot be lived without a healthy body and mind.

Friends, remember, our work Don’t underestimate. We too are a flesh-and-blood, human mind. We have emotions. That feeling should not hurt anyone, that is our reasonable expectation. Hygiene enhances beauty. Cleanliness is the Lord. Lakshmi resides wherever there is cleanliness.

Turn your hands, there Lakshmi Vase ‘is said?

We create a happy atmosphere. So the people who work there feel happy while working. Our clothes get damaged while doing this cleaning work. So we can’t stay dressed like Babu people. So don’t neglect us by looking at our clothes.

After working in the dirt several times We feel the same way when we put grass in our mouths with the same hand; But there is no cure. We do this for the stomach, don’t we? We love the bread of our labor more than the food of begging. We are happy in our universe. But we do not want to be frustrated if we cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

In the factory where I work Once we went on strike for our demands. Everyone was very upset when they were told that there were no cleaners. There was filth everywhere. Within a couple of days, it was time to call off the strike.

Affordable to our strike Was not; Because no one is willing to do our job. Provision should be made for the cost of our health, our medicine and water, what is wrong with that? Basically, the salary we get is enough to meet the basic needs of life.

There was more crisis than that, So where will the extra money come from? Regular installments have to be paid from the salary to repay the loan. Then there was the more awkward situation. This should be considered by the society.

We also think, Our children should grow up learning. Let them not have time to work like us. But most of the time when that is not possible, it feels very bad. It takes a lot of struggle.

In this struggle society has given us That’s all there is to it. Anyway, let’s clean the area around Saheb’s bungalow. Should go Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks