I am talking on television Marathi essay | Mi Durchitravani Bolto Ahe Essay Marathi

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I am talking on television Marathi essay | Mi Durchitravani Bolto Ahe Essay Marathi

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I am talking on television Marathi essay | Mi Durchitravani Bolto Ahe Essay Marathi


I am talking on television Marathi essay | Mi Durchitravani Bolto Ahe Essay Marathi

Hello friends, today you are talking on television We are going to look at Marathi essays. Today’s age is the age of science! Every day new ideas are born with the help of science. What did science give? Such a question was asked in school today.

The mind from noon on that question I was stuck. We came home with the thought that the journey of primitive man and today’s man was made possible only by science. I went to the living room to watch television. The sound came as soon as the button was turned

“I’m talking on television. Today I am going to show you my intuition showing other programs. Humans have made great strides with the help of science. Otherwise, it would not have evolved even today. I was discovered in Scotland in 1926 by John Logic Byrd.

I come to you with knowledge and entertainment Came. By bringing Aryabhatta Rohini INSAT satellites into space, India has brought the whole world closer to us. So you can watch events happening abroad through me at home.

World events, knowledge from various fieldsI welcome you every day with new changes, news. My program seeks to eradicate superstitions, stereotypes, ignorance from the society. I want to impart knowledge along with entertainment through ‘Ramayana’, ‘Mahabharat’, Surabhi, Discovery, General Knowledge, Quiz-Quiz, Astha, Kitchen.

But it is unfortunate that many people just They only define me as a ‘means of entertainment’. Why don’t students like to listen to news along with watching movies? Isn’t education a part of what is going on in the world?

Enlightenment that complements the study My heart breaks when obscene songs, wild dances are shown on my screen. Every coin has two sides but friends, good principles make life better.

You have eyes, it is up to you to see. Because the button is in your hand. What is shown and why? What do we see and what should we look for in this discussion? Ask yourself this question, friends. ‘

“Friends, my debut in your life It only makes sense to me if you want to feel ‘desirable’. My request to you is to consider me as an ‘enlightenment set’ rather than an ‘idiot box’. I am angry with you, especially the students because you have forgotten reading and field games in both school and television.

The result is a lack of exercise Eye problems have increased. You have no idea what the guests are saying, who is coming and going, or what the family is saying. Time is of the essence. When one program is over, your homework remains in this cycle.

The study is not complete. As a result In an age of competition, you do not have to endure. It should be ‘Knowledge first, study first, then entertainment’. Combine well-planned and well-planned diaries. Friends, avoid excess, because there is too much soil! ” “Decide what to take with illiteracy!

The form I am in front of you I am not responsible for either good or bad. She is not my creation. It depends on what you use me for. In this journey of the twenty-first century, my brothers and sisters, you and I must take advantage of the media by deciding what is right and what is wrong.

Today, these mediums are reviving for progress Are. However, do not make the use poisonous. Draw some boundaries. Be careful not to cause ideological pollution. Loot the treasure of knowledge and entertainment, but be careful that your thoughts do not get infected.

What is appropriate for age? Think about it. Accept it well. ” “I know that I love children, housewives, young people, old people. In a fast paced life, I have replaced your home with employment, education, current affairs, arts, literature, science for the youth, workers, poor and students.

Don’t bother me Let me do whatever is noble, good and auspicious for you as a revolution of science. That’s what I am. There is so much to learn from songs, stories, series. Finally, ‘Creation as you see it!’ “

“Children’s songs, lyric songs, educational videos Cassettes, use me for children’s poetry, give me the credit of child culture. Don’t make loud noises to deafen myself and others. One of the most important things I would like to say at the end is that the disgusting dance songs in the movie these days,

Performance, remix songs However, I have become very bloody. Although my cry has been silenced by numerous pains, I am speaking today so that you may know it. In the end, you get the better of it.

“These are some of the flowers on the path of science

Let go of the thorns, my friends.

Take only flowers

The sound stopped

Television seems to have gone far …..

Picture blurred

The voice fell silent

Of? Of? Of?

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