If I became the Minister of Education, then Marathi essay Mi Shikshan Mantri Zalo Tar Essay In Marathi

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If I became the Minister of Education, then Marathi essay Mi Shikshan Mantri Zalo Tar Essay In Marathi

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If I became the Minister of Education, then Marathi essay Mi Shikshan Mantri Zalo Tar Essay In Marathi


If I became the Minister of Education, then Marathi essay Mi Shikshan Mantri Zalo Tar Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, if I became the Minister of Education today We will look at Marathi essays. Education is very important in human life. Progress of society and nation depends on good education. The Minister of Education decides how the education system should be, what changes should be made in it.

Sometimes I think you should be the Minister of Education. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on. Education should be enjoyable. Education is not affordable for the poor.

Often smart students lack financial status Can’t get higher education. Sometimes young children have to work part-time to study for exams. Who has quality; But I will provide free education to such students who have no money.

Often the wealthy kids quality Even in the absence of money, students seek admission in reputed colleges for education only on the strength of money. But they learn nothing; Instead, they bully others in college. At such times, I think, what a game of education! I’ll close it first.

The same kind of education for everyone nowadays It has to be taken compulsorily. Learning is often boring because you have to study unpleasant subjects. So failure falls into place. Then the children leave school in despair. At such times, I think, why shouldn’t there be a facility to learn a subject of interest in the school curriculum?

Painting, sculpture, photography, If a child is taught many subjects like music, musical instruments, handicrafts, small scale handicrafts, bakery, gardening, agriculture, fisheries, poultry farming, then the child will become proficient in those arts.

Teaching him the alphabet, Language, Mathematics should be taught. Currently, work experience is a secondary subject and study subjects are the main ones. I will definitely change this picture when I become the Minister of Education. Yes, and all education will be computerized.

In the former family business children from childhood Used to be skillful. Now teaching in the same way using the latest technology will benefit the society more. It costs a lot for such education. I will arrange for free education by providing it. I will change it according to the situation.

The importance of English medium is increasing nowadays Is running. Instead, mother tongue education will make primary education compulsory and foreign languages ​​will be optional. I will make the best books available at a lower price for better reading. It will develop a reading culture.

One such book-examination for examination Will keep the subject. Whose reading more. He will be given more points. The marks in testimonials, progress books will not only be in the written test; It will also consider health, character, art, values, general knowledge.

Not volunteer or quality Teachers will be disqualified from doing the job. I would insist that every teacher in this field should be competent.

Uniforms create equalityI will convince the students of the idea of ​​unity. But at the same time, the institutions benefit from the purchase of uniforms, which will be controlled. My insistence is that there should be a uniform suitable for girls and boys.

First of all, on the backs of children I will remove the burden of the backpack and replace it with the burden of love. Only four-walled closed education, Ghokampatti and memory based education will be closed. I will take care that the children’s artistic talents and tastes will be given space.

Learning from entertainment, for pleasure Education, lifelong learning, will be such a triad. Oh yes, when is all this? If I became the Minister of Education …. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks