If I have wings, then Marathi essay. Mala Pankh Aste Tar Essay in English.

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If I have wings, then Marathi essay. Mala Pankh Aste Tar Essay in English.

” in English.

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This article contains a detailed essay on “

If I have wings, then Marathi essay. Mala Pankh Aste Tar Essay in English.


If I have wings, then Marathi essay. Mala Pankh Aste Tar Essay in English.

Hello friends, if you have wings for me today We will look at Marathi essays. Time evening. The streets were very crowded that day. Walking is like a race of obstacles. The squeaky sound of vehicles in it. Naki-Nau came while walking.

Began to think, where did this crowd come from. Behind the torso Can’t move, can’t move. I didn’t have to walk because of the crowd. It was automatically pushed along with the man’s loins. The creature was just bitten. The thought came to my mind, if it could have flown better than walking through such a crowd ….!

Man is an animal with imagination. In his mind he is always living in a colorful world. There are no obstacles for him to enter such a world. He can easily reach anywhere, anytime and anywhere.

Even now I fly high in the sky Proved to kill. Freed from the bondage of this earth. For a moment the crowd was forgotten. Not by the body; But the mind began to fly. Really, I can fly! What a cool feeling to fly! How pleasant is the breeze! Free, wayward, all in all! Wow! Clouds are coming in front.

Where are these clouds moving now? Dad! They are also pushing each other while waiting in the crowd! Sounds great! Flowers like cotton, light flowers! Oops! These black clouds, however, are a bit daring. See how they growl while pushing each other. Hmmm! We hear thunder on the ground, don’t we? Let’s go Well done!

This is a rainbow. How clear all seven colors look ! Why is this rainbow bow specially erected for my welcome! The sky is blue now. The sun’s rays began to turn red. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Cool! Does he ever get to see the sunset?

Big buildings everywhere. Out of it What does the sunset look like? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! Then I slowed down. Slowly the twilight began to fall. The sun started moving down towards the sea. Dad!

Now he will drown in the sea. Mine Curiosity reached Shige. Good luck watching the sunset and that too from the sky! I was very happy. ‘Where is that gold ball beyond the sink?’ Remember these lines.

Soon darkness fell. Slightly rubbing his eyes, he stood in front of the moon with its number of moons. What a speed! The eyes lit up. The game of hide and seek began with the twinkling stars. That moon was sometimes hidden in the clouds; So sometimes it would come out of the clouds and shine.

It was a lot of fun. Since noon Sky-watching continued till evening. Feeling a little tired. I said, let’s sit somewhere. But where to sit? Up in the sky, but everywhere hollow. Came to mind and looked down. There were flickering lights on the ground. Men like chalk; Trains as big as Kadepeti.

It was fun to watch this scene. I Slowly they started coming down towards the ground. In a few moments my wings fell off and my feet hit the ground. At that moment, there was a shock and with it came the words, “Ah, don’t go! Are you blind

We started walking. Realization came. The scenes I saw so far, which flew. They spread the wings of imagination. The idea is nothing bad. If I could fly ….

“But all thoughts are without wings.

Wow, more people than birds. “

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