If I were a poet Hindi essay essay on if i were a poet in english

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If I were a poet Hindi essay essay on if i were a poet in english

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If I were a poet Hindi essay essay on if i were a poet in english


If I were a poet Hindi essay essay on if i were a poet in english

Hello friends, today we If I were a poet Hindi essay You will know essays on this subject. The utterance of a mystic is that poets do not become, they are born. The power to compose poetry does not come from learning or practicing. That is the divine power hidden in the heart of a person. Yet, how pleasant is this fantasy – if I were a poet …!

If I were a poet, my poetry would be a mirror of nature. It would have described the snowy peaks of the mountains, the music of the murmur of the rivers, the echo of the pure waterfalls and the delightful shade of the beautiful grove. My poems would describe the captivating games of innocent children and praise the great men, the priests of humanity.

My poetry would have beautiful vocabulary, which would win everyone’s heart like a smile of flowers. They contained utterances from the heart, which, after reading or listening to them, people would start humming them like delusions. They would express beautiful thoughts in simple and fluent language, reminiscent of the chirping of birds. I would also depict those elements of nature which are considered ugly.

My poem would also describe the terrible storms, the waves kissing the sky of the sea, the shocks of the earthquake, the eruptions of the volcano etc.

If I were a poet, I would express the plight of men and women victims of social exploitation through my poetry and challenge them to make a revolution. If I had the gift of poetic power, I would use it to open the polls of selfish politicians and hypocritical contractors of society.

Through my poetry, I would strongly condemn the disruptive elements like communalism, bigotry, regionalism etc. and would convey the message of maintaining the integrity and unity of the country.

If I were a poet, I would not only depict the conditions of my society and country in my works, but also express my thoughts about international movements through poetry. Wherever in the world he saw atrocities being perpetrated on humanity, he would compose poetry against it.

Through my poem, I would give a message to the people suffering from atrocities that he should fight the oppressors till the last moment and take peace only by eliminating them. I would study Indian and Western poetry properly. Apart from poems in my mother tongue, I also read poetry texts in other Indian languages.

I also practiced the works of the great poets of Europe. I used to study as much as possible the texts related to juice, metaphor and prosody from home and abroad. Today, great poets and writers are seen praising the rich. If I were a poet, I would never sell my poetry for a few pieces of silver.

My poem would have a picture of the life of my society on the one hand, on the other hand would have inspired the society to move towards new ideals. I would also give a message of hope, enthusiasm and perseverance to the suffering and miserable masses by depicting their crying and wailing in my compositions.

In this way I would practice Satya Shiva-Sundaram in my poem! I wish! I would be a poet! Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.