If not an artist, then Marathi essay Kalavant Naste Tar Essay in English

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If not an artist, then Marathi essay Kalavant Naste Tar Essay in English

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If not an artist, then Marathi essay Kalavant Naste Tar Essay in English


If not an artist, then Marathi essay Kalavant Naste Tar Essay in English

Hello friends, if you are not an artist today We will look at Marathi essays. Recently, a book titled ‘Resha’ written by eminent author ‘Yogini Joglekar’ was read. The author writes, “Artists are only masters of art. And he’s just dancing to her tune.

Suddenly my mind asked me, If all these artists go on strike ….? Dad! What is this question? Art is an integral part of life. Life without art will be boring.

The artist lives by his art, Grows …. and blooms. Art and artist are not two roots at all! In society, the place of the artist is important in the world. If they call a strike, the beauty of life will end. A barren life like the desert will come.

Awesome, gorgeous beauty that art The overflow is full, it will disappear. The mind will not be happy. Paper flowers also have the power to create fragrance. Because art is born in the heart. Heart and emotion are inseparable. He has a combination of creativity. What is the reality.

It’s more of a real artist How it is bound in words or deeds. This is important. She is the key to precious happiness. The art of the artist works magic while creating the honeycomb of life. The beauty of the drizzle, the sigh of joy, the serene atmosphere, the unique romantic world comes to mind.

Art should rest the weary soul Is. It is an elixir of life for the dying mind. Although man is mortal, art is immortal. The art not only immortalizes what it realizes but also immortalizes what it realizes.

The invention of art is ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ It is a beautiful combination. If the artist goes on strike, the light of life will go out. Because art is the light of life. – Literature, plays, films, paintings, handicrafts, poetry, texts, carvings, other art forms, historical buildings are full of art.

The past, the future and the present The artist has the vision to look at the times competently. He has the art of expressing a big subject in a small way. So even the rough subjects have become interesting. If the artists call a strike Movies, radio, television All will be closed.

Because their existence is due to the artist Is. Whatever the art, it comes down to beauty and happiness. She is long. She accompanies him throughout his life. It develops human qualities. There is no hiding in art.

She reveals a straight heart . Art is conscious. The art of giving greenness to the mind. The latent mind is also expressed through art. Life becomes pure, beautiful, blissful. Time is used wisely.

Making this universe beautiful The artist has a big part to play. Caves, ancient temples, historical monuments still bear witness to this. The mind began to say, “The tone has faded, the music has disappeared, the jingling harp has frozen the words, the beauty has been lost, the paper has become golden, the color has faded, the pictures have faded.

The world is born of joy, The artist is Russell! No acting, no painting, no flute-tabla, no musical joy, no artificial life. Why did the artist go on strike? ”

Artist by giving birth to art Many times he is giving more happiness to others in the form of that art than he is making himself happy. Art cannot be priced in money.

Art in the market these days There is trade. This is a tragedy. Artists will not go on strike if art is truly appreciated. They can’t live without art, and it is their art that makes us happy. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks