If the tree is destroyed, Marathi essay Vruksh Nasht Zale Tar Essay in English

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If the tree is destroyed, Marathi essay Vruksh Nasht Zale Tar Essay in English

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If the tree is destroyed, Marathi essay Vruksh Nasht Zale Tar Essay in English


If the tree is destroyed, Marathi essay Vruksh Nasht Zale Tar Essay in English

Hello friends If today you destroy the tree We will look at Marathi essays. “If the tree is destroyed … The torrential rain will not fall ….. the roar of the sea will not be heard ….. Noise …..

Beautiful flowers will be lost Parimal will not be seen in the form of green-green creation. It will be unbearable to live without food and water ……… “If the tree is destroyed! Fear rises in the stomach just by imagination

As if the vibration of the breath is broken Time! Today there is a tree, so the life of man, animal, bird, flower is possible on earth! The desolate life is enriched by the greenery of the earth.

To smooth the cycle of nature Trees are desperately needed. If there are no trees, there will be no rain. The lives of all will be in danger. Pollution has already upset the balance of the earth’s atmosphere.

Oxygen is depleted and carbon dThe amount of oxide in the air has increased. Due to illegal deforestation, the environment is degraded. Due to insufficient rainfall, the land is becoming desolate.

But with each person planting a tree Attention should also be paid to arboriculture. The temperature on the earth is rising day by day. The shade of the trees is a relief to them. Planting as many trees as possible will improve the environment.

Pollution will be reduced. Are overall If the tree is destroyed during the day of planting more trees than that …. Bapare! What an indecent idea! Khalil Gibran says, “Trees are the poems written on the huge birch leaves of the earth and the sky.”

The shade of the trees to take Will not get The aroma of flowers and the taste of delicious fruits will be just dreams. There is no rain and no food but life. The Varahapurana says

“It simply came to our notice then

Sashilvan Kananam.

तवत तिष्ठांति मेदन्यम्

Son: Son, granddaughter! ”

Human existence is of nature Equilibrium – Depends on trees. Celebrating 5th June as ‘World Environment Day’ and 22nd April as ‘Earth Day’ will not work. If Anna Hazare, who is implementing the campaign ‘Plant trees, save trees’, is created in every house, then the days of tree planting and tree cultivation will come true.

Forests cover 40% of total land area Yes, but in India it is only 7 to 8%. Everyone knows about Virappan sandalwood smuggling in Karnataka. ‘Haritashyamal Vasudha-Nirmal Vasudha’ should be everyone’s dream. There is no such thing as nature. Planning and effort are required.

The tree is a benevolent life Don’t be foolish to destroy them and kill them on your own feet. Because Vasundhara says, “This is your protection under my protection.

The long arms of the trees I gave him If you cut down the hands of my trees in deforestation, you will have to live in a degraded environment, then you will have to live in exile for 28 years, at compound interest rate! ” Thank you