If there was no bank then Hindi essay If the bank is not hot then essay in english

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If there was no bank then Hindi essay If the bank is not hot then essay in english

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If there was no bank then Hindi essay If the bank is not hot then essay in english


If there was no bank then Hindi essay If the bank is not hot then essay in english

Hello friends, today we If there was no bank then Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. The very idea of ​​what would happen if there were no banks? Banks have become an important part of our lives today. We resort to banks in any type of money transaction. Let us consider, if there were no banks, what would be the consequences?

It is very important to have certain factors for the development of industries in any country. One of the important factors is capital. Large scale industries require a lot of capital to start. It is not possible for an individual or individuals to raise a large amount of capital.

They have to borrow capital from a bank. If there were no banks, where would the people who want to start an industry get capital? In the absence of capital, industries could not be established and the country would remain in an undeveloped state.

Today, the wind of globalization of trade and commerce is blowing all around. Almost all the nations of the world have joined the WTO. To facilitate this worldwide trade, it is necessary for banks to arrange transactions.

If there were no banks, who would manage the finances for foreign trade? In the absence of banks, the fantasy of world trade would remain mere fantasy and all countries would be isolated.

Each country has its own currency system. The currency of Japan is the yen. So the US ‘dollar’. The currency of England is ‘Sterling’, then the dinar of Iraq and Kuwait. The currency of South Africa is called the Rand, then the ‘Rupee’ of India. In connection with foreign trade, any country has to fix the value of currencies of different countries in its currency. This can only be done by banks.

If there were no banks, who would exchange foreign exchange and stabilize its value? In the absence of stabilization of exchange rate and price, foreign trade would have come to a standstill.

Before independence, India’s agriculture was in a very backward position. The condition of the farmers was very deplorable and the country had to import grain from abroad.

When the farmers adopted the scientific technology of agriculture, then there was a green revolution in the country and we could become self-reliant in terms of food grain production. But to maintain this production growth it is necessary to use large quantity of chemical fertilizers, improved seeds, pesticides etc.

The farmers of this country are not economically prosperous enough to buy these expensive resources. So they take loans from banks to buy them. If there were no banks, who would give loans to farmers on easy terms? Without banks, a green revolution would have been impossible and the Indian farmer would have fallen into the clutches of usurious moneylenders.

After getting independence, the government of our country has started many important schemes for the development of the country. Large dams have been built on the rivers. A number of programs have been implemented for the dissemination of education. Significant steps have been taken to make the country self-sufficient in arms production and security.

Means of transport like railways, roads etc. have been expanded. Efforts have been made to lift the backward, Dalit class of the country above the poverty line. A huge amount of capital is required to implement all these schemes.

The government gets this capital only through banks. If there were no banks, where would the government be able to raise the necessary capital to realize these schemes? In the absence of banks, these schemes would have remained on paper and the country would have returned to a primitive state.

If there were no banks, people would have to keep their earnings at home. Then theft and robbery would increase and it would be difficult to enforce law and order. But it is unnecessary to think that banks will never exist. In fact, banks are an integral part of the development of human civilization.

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