If there was no electricity, Marathi essay Vij Nasti Tar Essay in Marathi

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If there was no electricity, Marathi essay Vij Nasti Tar Essay in Marathi

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If there was no electricity, Marathi essay Vij Nasti Tar Essay in Marathi


If there was no electricity, Marathi essay Vij Nasti Tar Essay in Marathi

Hello friends, if you don’t have electricity today We will look at Marathi essays. Certain occasions in a person’s life have come to impart valuable wisdom in an instant. I realized this last night. Strict summer days.

Electricity all day and all night In these twenty-four hours, I literally remembered the universe. In the rising temperature, he grabbed the fold of the newspaper and tried to soothe his body.

Luckily there was no running water I was in a hurry. The little chintu was crying because the television was off and the computer was off. I got angry because I couldn’t finish the big humor exam.

The whole picture looked awful No fan, mixer, cooler, fridge, elevator, printing press all shouted ‘off’ at once! ‘Neighbors’ aunts were admitted in the intensive care unit. He was going to have an operation immediately. That too could not happen.

At the same time, I felt very uncomfortable For a moment the mind asked me the question, what if this power goes off forever? Oh my god Then our existence is over! Because our day grows with the witness of lightning, it is with her! Then how to live without electricity! I was overwhelmed by the idea. I remembered a few lines of Kusumagraj

“One who runs away in fear of the dark

The sun is not for them “

Or remembered Oli DheenInstead of taking it, my awkward mind was still pounding that the electricity has already disappeared and the sun will also disappear or not? Think about what happened to me!

Today is the age of science. Electricity is the soul of science. The importance of electricity in human progress is unique. Electricity has made it possible to save money, time and labor. The earth is alive because of electricity. Life on her is fast paced.

If the power goes off The earth itself will die. The beauty of the earth glowing with electric lights will disappear in the darkness. In the terrible darkness, human progress will be lost. It will be restless. Is a slave to the human machine. All machines run on electricity.

Machines do not rotate, but human The movement will stop as if the life of the statue has been found! Then human beings will start thinking that when we really get the essence, we don’t value the thing as much as we have the essence, but we know the full value of the thing which is left to us.

Shakespeare said “It’s always good to have the power of a monster, but it’s just as bad to use it with a demonic attitude.”

The wash tap is running for no reason! The lights and fans are on in the locked room. V. He is blabbering on and dancing. The fridge door is half open. There are four fans in four rooms.

Because while working, she feeds As she walks around the room, she keeps on pressing the button to turn off the fan every time. All this is not new to you! Because that’s what we’re in; This thought and twenty-four hour experience gave me a little wisdom when the power went out.

As loadshedding from the power board Since the power is off for a few hours, it is possible to ‘work’ the rest of the time by leaving that time, but if the power goes off permanently, it seems that ‘primitive man’ will return to earth! Because science made the progress of food grains, clothes, houses all because of electricity! If not ….

Behavior should be restricted. Ganga is yours As it flows in a certain way, people use it to the maximum. Without form, principle and limitation It is the duty of human beings to leave. If a human being becomes wise, surely this ‘Damini’ will support him for the rest of his life and will not leave him. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks