If there was no Himalayas, then Marathi essay HIMALAY NASTA TR ESSAY IN MARATHI

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If there was no Himalayas, then Marathi essay HIMALAY NASTA TR ESSAY IN MARATHI

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If there was no Himalayas, then Marathi essay HIMALAY NASTA TR ESSAY IN MARATHI


If there was no Himalayas, then Marathi essay HIMALAY NASTA TR ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, if you were not in the Himalayas today We will look at Marathi essays. When you have something, you don’t value it. In short, disobedience in the neighborhood? Such a past. Our country India is very prosperous.

Nature’s bounty, diversity This is India. The Himalayas are compared to the crown of Mother India. The Himalayas are considered to be the highest mountains in the world. A mountain like a sage-like congregation, inhabited by gods and goddesses.

This mountain is the birthplace of Indian culture ! India’s standard! This mountain, which has been standing still for ages, is like a fair one. The Himalayas stand still, with cool ice on their heads. It is a mountain with very high peaks like Everest, Kanchanganga, Nanda Devi.

It only takes courage to climb these peaks. We are proud of Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary for their bravery. The legend of Himalayas is very great. The first place of Aryans. The ancient sages and sages had done penance sitting on this cushion.

Many kings of Raghu dynasty came on this mountain Was smelled. The Mahabharata was composed by the Vedas with this witness. Chandragupta thought of national liberation on the Himalayas. Ascension of the Pandavas, the Himalayas is the refuge of the revolutionaries of the 1857 uprising. Many great rivers originate from this mountain.

Ganga by Bhagiratha’s untiring work Caught on the head, she witnessed it. The originator of many medicinal plants and trees. Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Darjeeling are some of the places where cool air rests.

If it were not for this great Himalayan mountain... really think. If it were not for this mountain, we Indians would not have been blessed. Not only is this a savior who protects the whole country from the cold winds, but the geographical structure that exists today, the geographical environment, does not exist.

This Himalayas are like a mighty warrior Defending India’s northern border. Had it not been for such a natural boundary, the enemy would have made a fuss. If it were not for the northern border of India … there would have been many attacks on India already.

Many plundered the country Inserted. The Himalayas restrained him; Otherwise, the picture of today’s prosperous India would have looked bleak. China and Pakistan are our neighbors. They also invaded our country. But our brave sons of the Himalayas gave them an unequivocal answer.

The mountain dwellers are always brave and tough Are. The country always benefits from their bravery. How could the country have been protected without the Himalayas? Ancient prosperity, ancient culture, ancient traditions would not have come to this country. Perennial flowing rivers are the gift of the Himalayas. Therefore, the northern part of India would not have included Sujalam-Sufalam, Sasya.

Lokmata is a holy river like the Ganges We wouldn’t have got it. Sons like Bhishma and Bhagiratha would not have been born. Holy shrines would not have existed. The virtue of penance would not have come in luck. The coldness of the ice has the power to alleviate anxiety.

The Himalayas are so prosperous, That even the glory of Kubera will fade away. Proven to shelter anyone, the Himalayas always serve everyone; Helps. The Himalayas are ours.

It will be ours and it will always be with him Aishwarya, Vaibhav will constantly distribute. So don’t doubt in your mind that there is no alternative – if there is no Himalayas! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks