If there were no exams Hindi essay If the test is not done in Hindi

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If there were no exams Hindi essay If the test is not done in Hindi

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If there were no exams Hindi essay If the test is not done in Hindi


If there were no exams Hindi essay If the test is not done in Hindi

Hello friends, today we If there were no exams Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. The word ‘examination’ itself creates a kind of fear in our mind. Although exams have been taken in some form since ancient times and will continue to be taken in the future, but their fear remains the same. Many educators have drawn attention to the shortcomings of the current examination system,

But they have not been able to suggest a viable option. In such a situation, it is very interesting to imagine that if there were no exams, what would happen?

If there were no exams, there would be no limit to the happiness of most of the students. They would get rid of studying hard. Due to the pressure of their parents, they would go to school, but would not pay attention to study. At the end of the year, they would go to the upper class automatically.

So they would spend most of their time chatting, watching television, etc. Crowds of students would increase in playgrounds, theaters, video game parlors, outings, etc. Students would be freed from the hassle of studying monotonous subjects. They would enthusiastically gather information about their favorite actors and actresses.

If there were no exams, talented and hardworking students would be angry and sad. With the exams closed, they would not get opportunities to showcase their talents. Studying day and night, sitting in libraries, flipping through the pages of bibliographies, asking questions from teachers to calm their curiosities, everything would be over.

No congratulatory function would be held for him and no award would be given to him on the occasion of his commendable success in the examination. Fussy students in reading and writing would tease them by saying ‘bookworm’ and they would be left in a daze.

If there were no exams, some teachers would be very happy. Preparing to teach in the classroom would give them a break. Their teaching work would not be evaluated on the basis of the percentage of students who passed the examination.

He would get rid of making question papers and checking answer sheets. This would not limit their happiness. Yes, those teachers who get enough income from private tuitions would be sad.

If there were no exams, the situation of parents would be bizarre. Those whose sons and daughters or grandchildren were brilliant, they would be worried. Their children would not get the opportunity to show their talent. But parents whose children were normal or retarded would be very happy.

With the exams over, they would not have any worries about the future of their children nor would they have to spend money for private tuitions. Yes, all the parents would get upset when the students started rioting due to lack of discipline.

If there were no examinations, the examination boards of the education department would be closed. Thousands of people working in them would be useless. It would be difficult to select the right people to work in high positions. On the strength of recommendations, unqualified persons would occupy important positions.

The administration would rise and chaos would spread across the country. All plans for progress and development would have stalled and the country would have returned to the primitive age.

But this kind of fantasy is completely baseless. Exams will continue, they will never stop. Still, the fantasy is that if there were no exams, then …! Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.