If there were no teachers, then the essay in Hindi yadi shikshak na hote to english essay

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If there were no teachers, then the essay in Hindi yadi shikshak na hote to english essay

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This article contains a detailed essay on “

If there were no teachers, then the essay in Hindi yadi shikshak na hote to english essay


If there were no teachers, then the essay in Hindi yadi shikshak na hote to english essay

Hello friends, today we If there is no teacher then the essay is in Hindi You will know essays on this subject. Education is of utmost importance in our lives. Education alone makes a person cultured and civilized. Education itself awakens the dormant powers of man which develops his personality. Only a well-educated person can gain prestige in the society and become entitled to sit in the line of civilized people.

It is only through education that one develops art skills and he becomes able to earn his livelihood. The nobles who provide this type of education are called ‘teachers’ or ‘gurus’. If it were not for them, we would be left wandering in the darkness of ignorance and would not be able to become human beings. Most of the credit for raising a scholar, mystic or great man to a higher peak is also given to his teachers.

Today, the young generation of our country is abandoning the ideals of their ancestors by painting in the colors of Western civilization. She has started believing everything in her life to be fun and wayward. In such a situation, only kind-hearted and cultured teachers try to bring the present young generation on the right path with the influence of their personality.

If there were no teachers, it would be impossible to save the young generation of our country from going on the path of decline.

Nowadays we see examples of indiscipline everywhere.

Even the most prestigious people have come down on indiscipline by forgetting their dignity to prove selfishness. In such a heterogeneous situation, the teachers themselves are inspiring the people of the society to follow discipline by presenting an example of their disciplined life. If there were no teachers, indiscipline would increase so much that there would be no trace of morality.

The formation of any society depends on its service-minded and altruistic members. Only they can contribute to the progress of their society and country, because they have human qualities like truthfulness, compassion, forgiveness, renunciation etc.

Only those who are courageous, mighty, generous and far-sighted can bring welfare to the society, the country and the world. Only such skilled teachers can create such individuals. Had it not been for these teachers, the number of selfish and opportunistic persons would have increased a lot and chaos would have spread in the society and the country.

Knowledge is exploding in this age. Every day new discoveries and theories are being incorporated in every branch of knowledge. Only skilled teachers assimilate this bookish knowledge and put on the robe of practicality. They are the ones who teach people how to make this biblical knowledge useful for life.

If there were no teachers, such students would come out of our schools and universities, who would be devoid of practical knowledge and would become a burden to the society and the country. Nowadays many scientific instruments have been invented for imparting education. The place of computer or computer is prominent among them.

Education is also being imparted on the internet. Computers can solve many types of knots in an instant, but these devices cannot replace the human brain. These cannot instill good values ​​in the minds of the students. They cannot make them endowed with human qualities like compassion, forgiveness, generosity, courage etc.

Students can find solutions to their problems through experts from the internet, but this tool can also be misused. Only conscious and dutiful teachers can guide the students properly by judging the right and wrong.

If there were no teachers, high quality writers, philosophers, scientists etc. could not be created and human society would return to the primitive age.

It is clear that the importance of teacher for society, country and world is undeniable. That is why in our scriptures it is said while worshiping teachers. Gururbrahma Guruvishnu: Gurudevo Maheshwar :. Guru: Sakshat Parabrahm, Tasmai Shri Gurve Namah. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.