If we do not have unity Hindi essay yadi hamme ekta n hoti english essay

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If we do not have unity Hindi essay yadi hamme ekta n hoti english essay

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If we do not have unity Hindi essay yadi hamme ekta n hoti english essay


If we do not have unity Hindi essay yadi hamme ekta n hoti english essay

Hello friends, today we If we do not have unity Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. In terms of area, India ranks seventh among the countries of the world. This country ranks second in the world in terms of population. Due to its vastness and diversity, this country has been termed as ‘Subcontinent’. The real nature of our unity is to have intimacy with all the people residing in this vast country and to consider their happiness and sorrow as our own happiness and sorrow.

In our country, Hindus, Islam, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, etc. are followers of many religions. Somewhere in this country there are high mountains, somewhere there are plains. Somewhere there are plateaus spread far and wide, somewhere there are deep valleys of hills and rivers. Different regions have different types of climate.

Nineteen languages ​​are enshrined in the constitution of this country. In addition to these, hundreds of dialects and dialects are spoken here. If it were not for unity, the country would have been torn to pieces.

In this country, there are frequent clashes between followers of different religions. Sometimes it is the turn of riots and bloodshed. There are fears that

Freedom achieved through excessive sacrifice and sacrifice should not be inflamed and the country should not be torn to pieces. But the combination of many elements has become an Indian culture, which keeps the unity of the country intact.

If it were not for Indian culture, our unity would have been shattered and the name of India would have been erased from the map of the world.

The history of our country is a witness that whenever we lack unity, the foreign invaders succeeded in their plan and they got a chance to set foot in this country. Due to the lack of unity, we had to live in slavery of the British for almost one and a half hundred years.

Finally, when under the leadership of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi all the Indian people united and jumped into the war of independence, then the British were forced to leave this country with their sacks tied and we got our lost freedom.

If we did not have unity, our country would still be in chains of slavery. After getting independence, our country has made progress in every field. At the time of independence, the average age of the inhabitants of our country was only 32 years. Today it is 62 years old. In 1947, the literacy rate in this country was 18.33 percent. In 2001, the rate reached 65.38 percent.

When our country got independence, we had to import grain from other countries to feed the people here. By adopting the technology of ‘Green Revolution’, we have become self-sufficient in food grains. Not only that, we have also started sending grain to other countries.

We have also made unexpected progress in the field of industry and business. Today, India has reached a high place among the industrialized countries of the world. If we did not have unity, then this kind of progress would not have been possible in this country which has been a slave for one and a half hundred years and this country would have remained the land of snakes, madaris and kings and emperors till today.

After gaining independence, our country had to fight many times with the neighboring countries. Our country has repulsed all these attacks and at the same time has been increasing the rate of industrial and agricultural production in its factories and farms. If we did not have unity, these invaders would have succeeded in their objective and our country would have been shattered into many pieces.

Sometimes separatist forces raise their heads in some corner of the country. Then the fear of breaking the unity of the country arises. We must be careful that these separatist forces do not succeed in their purpose,

Otherwise the unity and sovereignty of the country will be reduced to dust and our developing country will lag behind other countries in the race for progress. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.