If we were not free Hindi essay Yadi ham azad na hote english essay

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If we were not free Hindi essay Yadi ham azad na hote english essay

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If we were not free Hindi essay Yadi ham azad na hote english essay


If we were not free Hindi essay Yadi ham azad na hote english essay

Hello friends, today we If we were not free Hindi essay
You will know essays on this subject. Even after half a century of independence, it seems very sad to imagine that if we were not free, what would our situation be like? The progress of the entire country and society becomes dull when it is kept in the chains of slavery. Revealing this fact, Goswami Tulsidasji says- ‘Submissive dreams are not happiness.’

After gaining independence, our country has made unexpected progress in every field. When we got independence in 1947, the average age of our countrymen was only 32 years. Today it is 62 years old. This is because we have made great strides in medicine and health. If we were not free. So how can this kind of progress be achieved?

At the time of independence, the literacy rate of our country was only 18.33 percent. In 2001, the rate reached 65.38 percent.

Since 1947, many welfare schemes have been implemented in the field of education and special emphasis has been laid on technical education to reduce the unemployment rate. If we were not free. So could this kind of revolutionary achievement happen? Then we would be able to make the foreign rulers only able to do Babugiri according to the education system.

The Dalit class and women society of our country would have been mostly deprived of the benefits of education. The development of agriculture in sub-independent India was not even equal. For many years after independence, our country had to import grain from abroad.

Scientists and farmers of our country have worked tirelessly for the ‘Green Revolution’. Now our country has also started exporting grain to foreign countries. If we were not free. So could not even think of this kind of progress. If we were subordinate, we would be in need of foreign countries to fill our stomachs and again and again we would have to drink bitter pound of insults.

Prior to 1947, only raw materials were exported from our country. Our trade relations were limited to the United Kingdom and the United States. Today our country is exporting huge quantities of finished goods. We now have trade relations with almost all the countries of the world.

If we had not been free, we would never have been able to make this kind of progress. Then we would depend on the grace of foreign rulers, whose only policy was to exploit our country arbitrarily. The economic growth that is visible at the moment.

It could not even be imagined in post-independence India. If we were not free, the whole country would be groaning in abject poverty today

Today, the voice of our country is carefully heard on the world stage. Since independence we have helped other slave countries to become free. If we were not free, we would not even dare to stand in front of the independent nations of the world.

Then no value is given to our voice and the farmers of our country, the badhijivis, the mystics would not be valued anywhere. His genius would be dulled and he would have to live like a pet of a foreign power.

If we were not free, we would be able to enjoy our festivals and celebrations as we wish. Not being able to openly express your feelings, thoughts. Our poets, artists, writers, scientists would all remain puppets in the hands of foreign rulers. Then they would forget about the welfare of the country and try to get the favor of foreign rulers.

Our foreign rulers had always followed the policy of ‘divide and rule’. They had divided us into many groups and had created intense hatred and animosity between them. If we were not free, then according to the policy of foreign rulers

There would be an atmosphere of hatred and animosity all around our country. Then our country would be a victim of exploitation and would be stuck in the swamp of poverty.

In short, if we had not been liberated, we would have had to live a hellish life by falling prey to the vicious cycle of foreign rulers. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.