Importance of time Marathi essay | Veleche Mahatva essay in Marathi.

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Importance of time Marathi essay | Veleche Mahatva essay in Marathi.

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Importance of time Marathi essay | Veleche Mahatva essay in Marathi.


Importance of time Marathi essay | Veleche Mahatva essay in Marathi.

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To be mad here,

There are many benefits.

To live wisely,

Strict benefits.

What a mystery In these two rows. Just go crazy – just plain and simple … What’s the point of behaving wisely in a straightforward way?

The whole body of your teacher And how much do you want to take care of the life of Alpsha, the reputation of it? How much to save? He always talked a little, weighed and laughed, showed exactly the same number of teeth, even love was done with all the limits. Let the mind wander freely, regardless of time.

Let the rain fall on the body. Let go of their clicks. Let the forest, the desert, the rough roads be trampled underfoot. Even if there are injuries, shocks, mental struggles … let him experience his own happiness or sorrow. Let there be tears on the occasion … or let there be a smile on the face … a lesson of madness from this madness of freedom … teaching.

Give me a hug automatically The definition itself is changing in society. But in this madness, great histories of the world have taken place … States have been conquered … States have been dusted. In fact, all the things that have happened on earth so far are evidence of this madness.

Of the more recent British Empire The story of the time was that the real English were saying, “….” The madness of Indian patriotism knows no bounds.

The soul of the Indians was awakened. Anger, rage, heartache was roaring from her hair like a herpes. 150 years of slavery? Own yourself and act like a servant? The only obsession in the mind of every Indian is to make our India independent.

Giving India independence.It was in this dream that millions of Indians left their homes, lost their grandchildren, lost their thirst and gave their all in the freedom struggle. And it is because of this ‘madness’ that we are enjoying freedom today.

Four hundred and fifty years ago by Shivaraya What did you do Mata Jijau and the madness of the establishment of Hindavi Swarajya in her mind – Shivaraya was crowned and out of unconditional love for Shivaraya, thousands of Mavals left their homes and became their pike.

‘Seven Maratha heroes ran mad.’ Listening to this poem, what should we say if we don’t call those Mavals who fight generously for their lives ‘crazy’? Friends, to go ‘crazy’ is to focus on one of your good hobbies, goals, work, fulfillment of purpose.

To make every effort necessary for that, Trying to overcome any and all difficulties while trying. The result of which will be for the benefit of all, from which the best will happen, for those who strive day and night Researcher, scientist, great artist, great painter, hard worker All of these players are definitely obsessed with their work,

For that, they are crazy. The great saint, the great social reformer, in which the names of all the dignitaries even at the international level shine, from Gautam Buddha, Hazrat Pagambara to Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Namdeva … Saint Gadge Baba.

Anna Hazare, Baba Amte No matter how many names you may have, all these extraordinary people seem to be rushing for the fulfillment of the task set in life for their goal. This ‘rush’ means ‘madness’.

Fifth entry on the music scaleAnd now it seems that, Gone are the days, gone are the personalities … who made history out of their own madness. We have achieved the welfare of mankind, but now we have to build the present on the basis of the past? That obsession, that zeal, That madness, that humanity, that welfare attitude… has it disappeared in this Kali Yuga?

‘It was dawn …

Is it night? ‘

Today’s youth is of material happiness. He is so addicted to selfishness and greed that he has become self-absorbed. He is being driven crazy by his own weak mentality. That’s what’s going to happen. Of his landlord’s whole society,

Of our country and of the world, The new generation of young people who are ready to pay the price for it, the temptation to become a millionaire, the dream of becoming a millionaire, the effortless, the effortless instinct, the shortcut to success. That is why the future of the country is at stake.

Look at him … the superpower America Right now it is crazy, it is bin Laden’s, Pakistan is crazy about Indian rights of Kashmir, it is crazy about power … money, today’s youth is crazy. The time has come for everyone to remember that modernity, blind imitation of the West …

Limiting the limits, not violating them.

Let it be the goal to move forward.

Indian culture says the soul is immortal Yes, but our soul is now becoming lifeless. Today’s youth is becoming directionless, without ideals, without culture, without knowledge, without hard work. The interest of the society without associating ‘soul and intellect’ ..

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