Indira Gandhi Hindi Essay | english essay on indira gandhi

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Indira Gandhi Hindi Essay | english essay on indira gandhi

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Indira Gandhi Hindi Essay | english essay on indira gandhi


Indira Gandhi Hindi Essay | english essay on indira gandhi

Hello friends, today we Indira Gandhi Hindi Essay
You will know essays on this subject. ‘Indira Gandhi usually had the unique feeling and ability to understand the nature and nature of the people, their needs and weaknesses. By placing his hand on the pulse of the minds of the people, his ability to take full advantage of their differences and establish identity with the masses is probably even greater than that of Jawaharlal ji. ‘

Laxmimal Singhvi Great Legends in India, He has become a politician, mystic and saint, his sadhana and work is great. All have strived for Indian science in their own way and have nurtured national unity. The late Prime Minister Priyadarshini Smt. Indira Gandhi was a great personality of this tradition.

She was one such shining constellation of the Indian horizon,
Which gave light to the whole world. She was the mother of millions of sons. There were idols of Vatsalya and Mamta. These words of the first broadcast of former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi are literally true – ‘She was not only my mother, she was the mother of the whole country.’

Indira Gandhi is a single person, ruler or politician Were not. She was the embodiment, living and meaningful idol of the awakened masses and zeitgeist. She was the embodiment of democracy and Indianness in independent India.

Not a person, Yuga-Indira does not belong to any person, Is the name of the age. She was a symbol of struggle and progress. He spent his life fighting against the forces that hindered the integrity and development of the country. He sacrificed his life for the integrity of the country, but did not allow the country to come under fire. His efforts for the unity, integrity and interfaith harmony of the country will always be remembered and will become an invaluable part of history.

Symbol of world peace- Indira ji was the symbol of world peace.
He was concerned with the welfare and advancement of all. People remember them by erasing all differences. In fact, with her unique qualities and indomitable masculinity, she became an international personality. As a gift from the Commonwealth and non-aligned countries, she was a uniquely talented leader on the world stage.

A flame – Indira was a flame in the true sense, Which were ignited as soon as they were born. In the holy land of Prayag to protect the land of India, as if she had incarnated as Shaktiswarupa Durga. The virtues of learning, intellect, strength, courage and generosity etc. were integrated in him simultaneously. The sharpness of the voice, the tenderness of the heart, the incessant contemplation in the interest of the country and the life of Karmayogi as if they were met by nature.

Striving for the protection of cultural values- She constantly strived to protect Indian cultural values. He preserved literature, art and culture. He enriched the literary and cultural fund of the country by planning various institutions, academies and museums etc. Considering the preservation of ancient tradition as his moral obligation, he said that change is an important aspect of life but at the same time it is necessary to take care that this change does not destroy the old values.

Prabal Purusharthi- With her strong Purushartha, Indira ji visited India Illuminated. He was awarded the title of ‘Bharat Ratna’ for his equally successful leadership on both the occasions of peace and war. They were the test of affection, diligence, courage, love and perseverance. It was these special qualities that made him popular.

It was his nature to fight conflicts and move forward. He said- ‘I want challenges to come in front of me, because when challenges come, there is an opportunity to do something. Only in such a situation can a man do something. ‘

Strong guard of democracy – Indira ji of a Shaktipunj
She was a strong guardian of democracy. He strengthened the roots of democracy in India by holding power for almost 16 years as the Prime Minister of the country. She stood firm like a pole star in the sky of politics and during her tenure she faced unprecedented challenges. The whole world believes in the iron of his leadership.

Heads of state from all over the world from time to time Praised him freely for his decisions. His confidence, perseverance and decision-making ability made him a world leader.

The world’s great leader, the country’s economic, scientific, Efforts to advance on the path of technological and industrial progress by eradicating hunger, poverty, deprivation where he won the hearts of the people of the country, while earning respect in the world through the United Nations, Commonwealth and Non-Aligned Movement Conducted in Strong supporter of world peace and leader of the non-aligned movement, Smt.

Symbol of hopes and beliefs of Indian people-Mrs. Indira Gandhi transformed India into a nation that the world cannot ignore. Undoubtedly, it is due to his sophisticated interest, extraordinary conscientiousness, amazing efficiency, proper insight and timely leadership. He enlightened the youth, awakened women and endowed the oppressed humanity with self-empowerment.

She became a symbol of the hopes and beliefs of the Indian people. Amidst the stormy winds of crisis, whether it is the election of the President, the split of the Congress, the nationalization of the banks or the war with Pakistan, always go ahead and take the right decision at the right time to honor India, fulfill the aspirations and aspirations of its people. Made a successful attempt to.

The insight into national issues like Punjab and Assam He resolved, he is admirable. Carrying the reins of a strong India, supporting international peace and harmony, carrying out Indian traditions, she herself became a national figure.

The living embodiment of national unity – Indira ji apni From national sentiments, she rose above a person and became a symbol of the nation in herself. People imagined India in their form. Without them, only the imagination of the nation, the history of the nation remains vague and dim. The whole world used to visit India just like him. She considered the person insignificant before the nation. He had proudly said- ‘The spirit of unity is very strong among Indians, so there is no danger of disintegration. She was a critic of religious narrow-mindedness, which leads to confrontation among the people.

Leaving the realm of narrowness in a vast perspective He always said to think. She wanted the national spirit to be instilled in the children and for this she gave equal emphasis on the need to improve the education system. He had planned a national course. While maintaining linguistic unity, he made a great contribution in distinguishing the national language Hindi. She considered Hindi as a link of national unity.

Efficient leadership – Under his leadership the country made all-round progress.
He took a strong stand against poverty and unemployment. His motto was – ‘We are doing all the work so that those who are poor in India, the middle class of India, the suffering of these people is less. Let us get some information so that we can help them. ‘

Twenty point program – twenty run by him Point programs became a solid foundation of public trust. Under this, programs for education, agriculture, enterprise, employment, electricity, water, housing, health, development and improvement of living standards of workers were carried forward with great diligence. There was a continuous effort to eliminate rural unemployment by laying a network of cottage industries. The efforts to uplift the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes are absolutely remarkable.

Not only were reservations granted to them, However, in the field of education, many scholarships and financial assistance programs were set up for enterprises, which benefited and changed the life of this class. Land was provided to the landless and they were provided means of livelihood. Plantation and finding alternative sources of energy Numerous schemes for prevention of environmental pollution and employment and development were laid down.
A number of schemes like Family Welfare, Child Development and Nutrition Distribution etc. brought a novelty in the village life. An environment of education was created in the country through adult education and non-formal education.

Other contributions वैज्ञानिक scientifically the atomic explosion And with the significant achievements of space-explosion, Indira ji took the industrial progress to the computer and electronic age. He also had an unprecedented contribution in the history of sports. The result of his efforts was that the Ninth Asian Games were held in India and India got international pride. He loved all sports and the most beloved was the victory of India. He spread Doordarshan’s network across the country, so that 70 per cent of the public could enjoy entertainment programs and games.

The statement of the well-known Italian revolutionary thinker Magnini is-When thoughts bathe in the blood of martyrs, they soon blossom. This statement has been the source of inspiration for many martyrs in the freedom movement of India. The martyrdom of the late Prime Minister of India, Smt.

When the black shadow of separatism was hovering over the country,
Mrs. Gandhi was as strong as an immovable rock and in the end she sacrificed herself to create such an atmosphere of inspiration that we were compelled to consider unity and integrity. By being martyred, Indira ji has made her principles the ideal of all humanity. Guys, please tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting on it.