Interracial Marriage Marathi Essay | Antarjatiy Vivah Essay In Marathi

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Interracial Marriage Marathi Essay | Antarjatiy Vivah Essay In Marathi

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Interracial Marriage Marathi Essay | Antarjatiy Vivah Essay In Marathi


Interracial Marriage Marathi Essay | Antarjatiy Vivah Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today we have an interracial marriage Marathi essay Let’s see. Society has a specific structure. The society works according to that structure. Some events are accepted by the society for the sake of social health. Moreover, the place changes over time.

There is already a caste system all over India Is. The former was Chaturvarnya. The people of the society were divided according to occupation into four castes namely Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. But the society forgot its original purpose and the society came to be confined according to its character.

The life style of each character was different. There was also a difference in customs, norms, methods. This system is deeply rooted in the society. Another important thing is that the society considered marriage. Religiously, the marriage of two men and two houses of two men came together with this incident. In the past, child marriage was practiced in the society.

What is marriage to children? They were brought together by marriage as soon as they understood. In addition, the infant mortality rate was higher in the past. Alternatively, the issue of child widows and sati was created in the society. Moreover, there was no monogamy law long ago.

The incident was amended and It was decided that every man could be accepted as the wife of the same woman. This law does not apply to Muslims.

I.e. boys and girls of the same caste Want These castes were and still are sub-castes. Again they have subtypes. There were no marriages outside of them. Today, at least sub-caste marriages are taking place.

I wanted to give an example While Brahmins are sub-castes of Deshastha, Konkanastha and K-Hade; Their sub-castes like Yajurvedi, Rigvedi, Chitpavan, Apastambha. Also all castes have many castes and sub-castes. This further complicated the caste system in the society.

This entanglement was confirmed. He should untie the knot Nobody thought so. But then when these castes started interfering with the progress of the society, the society woke up. Interracial marriage has not been, is and will continue to be one of the social issues.

The next question is interracial Is it right or wrong to get married? Is it good or bad for the society? Before turning to this question, it is very important to briefly look at the role of marriage.

Marriage is the union of two bodies That doesn’t make sense. So two men – one woman – one man is a life partner, a companion for life. It often happens in marriage that the couple who want to get married do not consider whether they have consented to the marriage or not.

Like the big men in the wedding house Doing it for you! Then the place of boys and girls is like a doll. Many times they do not like each other. They do not agree to marry from the heart. Although the celestial planets are matched in the magazine, they are not matched in real life. His father-in-law is not happy.

Alternatively, his family is happy Do not live. Then from one point of view, caste marriages are also deadly to the society. Interracial marriages today are often love marriages. The situation is not bleak at all.

In the politics of caste at the time of elections Though the struggle is coming, the thinking of the new generation before co-education has changed a lot in the last thirty to forty years. Oppose interracial marriages today, it is being appreciated. In the past, bread was not traded outside the caste.

Even today, it does not happen in rural areas. But when young men and women who want to get married in the society come together in love without looking at each other’s caste and tribe, they live happily ever after. Happiness has nothing to do with caste. Because in the case of thought-conduct-mind, there is uniformity.

This unity is the foundation of their lives. So on what basis do we say that interracial marriages are deadly to society? The next generation of love lovers is free. Because of the courage to break caste barriers The couple who showed up are now parents And the new generation has matured more. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks