Jaisi karni waisi bharni par essay jaisi karni waisi bharni essay in english

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Jaisi karni waisi bharni par essay jaisi karni waisi bharni essay in english

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Jaisi karni waisi bharni par essay jaisi karni waisi bharni essay in english


Jaisi karni waisi bharni par essay jaisi karni waisi bharni essay in english

Hello friends, today we Essay on filling as you do You will know essays on this subject. This A total of 2 essays were given in the article Hey you can read them one by one. ‘Jaisi karni, waisi bharni’ is a famous saying. The general meaning of this is, according to the deeds that man does, he also has to enjoy the fruits.

In fact karma is what we want
We can do accordingly, but we are compelled to enjoy the fruits of our deeds. If we sow acacia seeds, we will get acacia thorns. By planting an acacia tree, if we want to eat the sweet fruit of mango, then it will never be fulfilled.

Almost everyone knew the good and the bad Is. People know which work will get good fruit and which will get bad. So we should always do things that have good results, that bring us happiness and contentment. One should always stay away from such work, the result of which is bad and will increase anxiety and suffering.

Duryodhana was well aware of the Pandavas
At the same time, the result of the deception he is doing will be very bad. Even the explanations of the Gurus had no effect on him. In the end, as a result of his evil deeds, the destruction of the Kauravas took place, and the civilization and culture of ancient India was also deeply traumatized.

Ravana was well aware that Sitaji’s
By kidnapping he is doing a very unfair thing, but in the pride of his power he did not pay any attention to anyone’s protest or preaching. The result was that the Lanka of gold was burnt to ashes and Ravana and his entire clan were annihilated except Vibhishan.

As the saying goes a person
Proves to be true in the life of, in the same way it also comes true in the life of a nation or country. Hitler, the dictator of Germany, dreamed of making his country the leader of the world.

Patriotism is justified, but he did Adopted a very unfair path to fulfill his wish. He executed millions of innocent Jews, defeated European nations, large and small, and annexed them to the German Empire, setting the stage for World War II.

As a result of his evil deeds, The earth turned red with the blood of about one and a half crore men and women. In the end, Germany suffered a crushing defeat and was torn in two.

Often people justify their improper actions Let’s resort to religion to stay. Improper acts are not supported in any religion of the world. But those who do wrong also interpret religious doctrines in such a way that their interests are fulfilled.

An example of this is Afghanistan
It belongs to the Taliban rulers. At the behest of Osama bin Laden, who had taken refuge there, his terrorist followers blew up the WTO skyscraper in New York City, USA, using explosives.

About 6,000 in this terrorist incident
Innocent people had to wash their hands of their lives, there was unlimited loss of money, so different. When the United States demanded that the Taliban hand over the terrorist concerned to him, the rulers there flatly refused to do so.

Almost the world on this horrible crime All the countries became angry. The result was heavy bombardment of Afghanistan. One man did evil and the innocent citizens of Afghanistan suffered the consequences.

To justify their improper actions
So people often cry out for circumstances. They say, we have nothing in our hands. We are slaves to circumstances.

As is the case, we belong to them Act accordingly. This argument of theirs is absolutely weak and mocks the power of man. Nature has endowed man with the gift of intellect. Made him imaginative and gave him the ability to make decisions.

He conquered the conditions Has the power to achieve. He should not kneel before the circumstances, but try to overcome them.

We must always remember this saying
And before committing any kind of improper act, its consequences should be considered. As the lamp burns itself and illuminates its surroundings, In the same way we should invest our body, mind and money in the service of humanity, So that our lives are meaningful. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting. And further Don’t forget to read the second essay. Thank you .

Essay 2

Jaisi karni waisi bharni par essay jaisi karni waisi bharni essay in english

Preface – The human body is like a field, In it he reaps what he sows; That is, the kind of crop that man desires, he should sow the same seed in it. If we look at the world from a mental point of view, we will know that some people sow good seeds, some people sow rotten seeds and some people sow both kinds of mixed seeds.

Good seed means good deeds
By virtuous deeds, rotten seed means sinful deeds, that is, dirty deeds, and some good and some bad, that is, some virtuous deeds and some sinful deeds are mixed seeds; That is, if man does good deeds, he will get good fruit (happiness) and if he does bad deeds, he will get bad (sorrow) fruit.

How to do karma – where we need
One should do good deeds as much as possible, because man’s happiness and sorrow are based on the deeds done by him. In the enjoyment of our pleasant and sad fruits, others are only for a moment, giving credit to them is generosity, but blaming them is our ignorance and if we look at this from a second point of view, then it is known that we are our own. Are friends and enemies of themselves.

When we oppress others
So we become our own enemies, in the same way when we are kind to others we are our own friends. Keeping these things in mind, man should do such deeds which will be appreciated by the society and also the grace of God will remain on him.

Jaisi karni waisi bharni-manusya jaisa karta hai
Fills in the same way that doing good to others creates a path of happiness for us in the future. While hurting others sows thorns of sorrow for us in the future. This work of creation is driven by relation.

It is commonly known that Good deeds have good results and bad deeds have bad results. Once upon a time it may be that a bad deed shows good results immediately, but in this Kali Yuga the bad deed only bears bad fruit.

Similarly it may be that someone Good deeds put us in any difficulty at present, but in this Kali Yuga it will continue to give good results. It is difficult to determine when you will get the fruit of your deeds. Therefore, man will fill as he will in this Kali Yuga.

Do karma and do not desire fruit
That Lord Krishna has also stated that karma is the right of man and not fruit. The fruit is given to him by nature under the presidency of man. The greatest worship or right for man is that he continues to do good deeds without understanding the duty without the desire for fruit, this removes the choked burden of desire for fruit on the brain.

This is a condition, a condition which
Every creature in the world wants. Everyone wants that there should not be any kind of burden on our head, there should be no tension. We all experience that when we are tied to a hope, there is a little bit of pressure in the brain regarding its advance fulfillment, there is tension.

So for a stress free life It is always good not to hope. It may be difficult for ordinary people to create such a state of mind, but it becomes the instinct of spiritual men.

The fruit that it is depends only on the deeds
But the fruit is sure to come, so there is no benefit in having an extra burden of hope. In fact, we are constantly on the lookout for happiness. This is natural. This feeling connects us with others and puts us into practice.

Thus attaining happiness
Therefore our physical or mental karma is called behavior. This behavior of ours is either good behavior or bad behavior. The good deeds of all are virtuous, giving happiness to all and benevolence is the only good deed, that is the virtue.

Epilogue मनुष्य Man sows the seed first His
After he reaps the harvest, it means he does karma first and later he gets the fruit of those karmas, if we want good fruit then we have to do karma; That is, if we sow rotten seeds, then our harvest will not be good. For a good harvest we have to sow good seeds. Good deeds are the path to God, the key to success. So do good deeds and get good fruit. Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.