Kojagiri night Marathi essay | Night of Kojagiri Essay In Marathi

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Kojagiri night Marathi essay | Night of Kojagiri Essay In Marathi

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Kojagiri night Marathi essay | Night of Kojagiri Essay In Marathi


Kojagiri night Marathi essay | Night of Kojagiri Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today is the night of Kojagiri We will see Marathi essay. Ashwin month has come. The rains took a break. The sky became clear. The lunar full moon, which is rising slowly from Pratipada, looks round.

We adorn the full moon on the terrace I decided to see the beauty of Tippur moon in the sky. Have a great event. All the planning was done very well.

Kojagiri night is full of fun. We had a program of songs based on the theme ‘Moon’ that day. In the clear sky, witnessing the moon, the program began with the twinkling of the moon. The atmosphere became foggy.

The words of the songs were stuck in my mind. ‘Two roses on the moon, let’s move the moon, spread the moon, the moon is the witness, the same moon is not, etc.’ Songs on all the moons from these chants to nursery rhymes. These songs are not particularly effective in erv noise; But the night of Kojagiri! The sweetness of these songs is something different! We were immersed in the lyrics, the melody.

Even the moon is stunned and enjoys the songs It felt like taking. There was a great commotion in the air. Sarah Asmant was bathed in the moonlight. Everyone was just immersed in that beautiful atmosphere. Everyone’s minds were open.

It was all alchemy of the white moon Of light and of that full moon. It was as if everyone had been bathed in silver juice. I wondered why Kusumagraj had dubbed this full moon a ‘dream merchant’. The whole atmosphere seemed dreamy.

Someone in the daily stressful life There is no time to talk to anyone; The moon, the stars, the sky is far away! But on this occasion, everyone comes together, bathes in the moonlight and is refreshed. The fun of drinking orange milk in the moonlight is something else.

Lakshmi from the sky at midnight in Kojagiri Comes down to earth and says ‘Co-awakening’, ‘Whose place is it?’ Asking that goes everywhere. It is said that Lakshmi rains wealth on whatever place it is. I think that the rain of light, like silver, falling on the body one night is the rain made by Lakshmi!

Such is the night experience of Kojagiri It is not a matter of words but of actual experience. That is why the gardens are open at night in Kojagiri. In the reservoir It is a reflection of the visible full moon Literally eye-pleasing. Let’s all come together and enjoy nature. What would be the second happiness like this? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks