Let’s overcome the Mahapura Marathi essay | Chla Kruya Mhapuravr Mat Essay in English

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Let’s overcome the Mahapura Marathi essay | Chla Kruya Mhapuravr Mat Essay in English

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Let’s overcome the Mahapura Marathi essay | Chla Kruya Mhapuravr Mat Essay in English


Let’s overcome the Mahapura Marathi essay | Chla Kruya Mhapuravr Mat Essay in English

Hello friends, let’s overcome the flood today We will look at Marathi essays. Man has learned to swim in the water like a fish, to fly in the sky like a bird but still he could not overcome nature. It is time to say that natural disasters are caused by earthquakes, droughts, volcanoes, storms and hurricanes and heavy rains. There are natural disasters.

Human knowledge in fighting those disastersScience and technology are all in vogue and somewhere it is time to say, ‘The living son of man is dependent. Although the monsoon started in 2005 and ended in mid-July, water and fodder problems in Central Maharashtra and Khandesh had become serious.

After July 21, however, the whole climate changed And the whole of Maharashtra (Western Maharashtra) started raining. Rains intensified in Ratnagiri, Raigad, Sindhudurg, Thane and Mumbai districts. On 26th July, heavy rains started in Mumbai and Konkan areas. Not so much in the last 100 years, so much rain is 944 min in 24 hours. I Rain fell in Mumbai alone.

The observatory noted. Then complete Rains lashed Maharashtra. Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli, Jalgaon, Dhule, Jalna, Parbhani, Nanded etc. The district and its environs were flooded. Due to heavy rains in some places and release of water from dams, rivers flooded and caused huge damage.

This includes loss of life, financial loss, large Done. “Neither ghost nor future.” It’s time to dump her. The city of Mumbai was hit hard by the heavy rains. The floods inundated the city of Mumbai. Water everywhere in the house, at the door, in the street. Mumbai is accustomed to face such natural and man-made problems.

The previous ones were from 1903, 1940 and 1983 The cyclone had returned to Mumbai after causing severe damage. Bombings and riots are a couple. Due to the heavy rains, trains, buses, airlines were disrupted, offices, schools and colleges were closed and banking services were disrupted. Agriculture was severely damaged.

Kharif crops in almost all waters Gali, some lands are on the verge of salinity, not to mention cattle, thousands of cows and buffaloes have been swallowed up by the flood waters. In Mumbai alone, the number is over 15,000.

True to how many people died because of the flood The answer could not be found. Because the figures that are given, considering the overall situation, it is impossible to believe. Thousands have died, thousands are still missing and many are living in government camps.

Similarly, when the rains continue In Mumbai, ‘goons’ and ‘grandfathers’ and politicians eating butter on the scalp of the dead spread rumors of a ‘tsunami wave’. The rumor spread like wildfire and people died in it. As the flood receded, the kingdom of filth spread everywhere.

Infectious as leptopirosis Illness proved its presence. The flood victims were helped by the administration, NGOs and social workers. You can find many reasons for the heavy rains in Mumbai.

Mumbai Town Planning and Garbage Disposal The administration wrapped up the laws and threw them in the trash. The main reason is the reckless and reckless permission given to the builders. The whole land passed into the hands of big builders and there stood cement forests of buildings.

Osiri to the question of potapanya The people who came started building shelters wherever they could find. Gutters built during the British rule in 1935-36 Needed elsewhere. In Mumbai M. S. T. At the station, there are still no water storage or traffic jams.

This is because of the town planning used by the British Science, the gutters have not been rebuilt. Excessive use of plastics, poor disposal of waste etc. All the reasons are behind this terrible scourge. We want to overcome this terrible flood.

With foresight and foresight The measures taken contain the essence of true power. From that, superpowers are formed. Especially the best e.g. The British have given you. Maharashtra is strong, it is rocky, it has a habit of enduring storms, it will definitely stand. But it requires,

Extremely sincere efforts, right And sustainable rehabilitation, pure politics, ideology and strong leadership. Marathi man helps flood victims in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, runs to the aid of war veterans in Kargil. Now it is Strong but sensitive Marathi man help himself Is going to run, sure. Jai Maharashtra! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks