Live with pride, save the country Marathi essay | SWABHIMANANE JGA AANI DESH VACHVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Live with pride, save the country Marathi essay | SWABHIMANANE JGA AANI DESH VACHVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Live with pride, save the country Marathi essay | SWABHIMANANE JGA AANI DESH VACHVA ESSAY IN MARATHI


Live with pride, save the country Marathi essay | SWABHIMANANE JGA AANI DESH VACHVA ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, live with self-respect today, save the country We will look at Marathi essays. Self-esteem is the belief in one’s own good and the consequent pride in oneself. Man must have self-esteem.

Walking the path of human life While there are many disasters. In times of crisis, some often lose their temper, become helpless, and surrender; But on the other hand, the one who challenges the crisis, fights the crisis and succeeds, also digests the halal of failure.

He is a true self-respecting person. Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje Take the example of The Mughals persecuted them indiscriminately. He was pressured to convert. But their self-esteem did not diminish in the slightest. He did not even care about his life for patriotism and piety.

There is a brilliance in self-esteem; There is power. A self-respecting person does not feel the temptation of any material happiness. He also loves bread, handkerchiefs and bread. It transmits a very different power.

With that, he crossed the new horizon Does. A person without self-esteem is dutiful, weak and timid. A self-respecting person is just and has a good attitude. He is not afraid of anything, he does not bow down to anyone. When the just Ramshastri Prabhune sentenced Raghobadad to death, he did not utter a word; They were not afraid at all.

He had to resign, He had to leave the city, but he did not give up. Their self-esteem remained the same. The backbone of a self-respecting man is always stiff. He never gives up his self-esteem for his own benefit. Such people are admirable to the country. It is because of such people that the country progresses.

The best in our religion, ‘It is good. Jyotirgamaya in Tamso. Immortal in death. ‘ This breath has the potential to lead everyone to the ideal. Self-esteem is not pride. There is no superficial pride in oneself. He who has self-respect respects his mother tongue, motherland.

Otherwise some people today They seem to be disrespecting their own mother tongue as a contemptible, village language. Some people are more proud of their own country than others. Such people are very fond of foreign languages, foreign education, foreign objects. Our country feels backward to them.

‘Janani Janmabhoomishch Swargadapi Gariyasi’ They seem to have forgotten this saying. National education, Swadeshi, boycott and Swarajya are known as four points. Today we have forgotten that self-respecting quatrain.

Things that are as their own Proud of all that is self-esteem. If I feel that this country belongs to me, then I will not commit corruption or I will not make money by taking bribe from anyone, cheating others, stealing.

I will eat the food of Nidhal’s sweatMy country will never be in turmoil. Nowadays, without studying, copy, paperfooty, change of brand, such things seem to have come in abundance. So today we are not following a false reputation, check it out.

Due to many years of foreign rule The helplessness created, the various desires created by materialism, the adoption of good and bad ways for its fulfillment, the feeling of ease comes to the fore. If you want to shorten a big line, you have to draw a bigger line next to it,

Building self-esteem with this in mind The work to be done should be done on a large scale from house to house. Only people who deserve such respect, that is, self-respecting people, save the country and lead it to prosperity. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks