Lokshahi Marathi Essay | Essay on Lokshai in Marathi.

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Lokshahi Marathi Essay | Essay on Lokshai in Marathi.

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Lokshahi Marathi Essay | Essay on Lokshai in Marathi.


Lokshahi Marathi Essay | Essay on Lokshai in Marathi.

Hello friends, today we are democracy We will look at Marathi essays. (1) Democracy is the best of the many systems of government. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a state run by the people, by the people, for the people.

In monarchy, the king is like a wave Rules. In a dictatorship, the dictator rules by holding the people in his arms, while in a dictatorship, the dictator drives the nation with a military rod. It does not value the desires of the people, their opinions, their joys and sorrows, their comfort and inconvenience.

Therefore, in such a state system, the people There is a constant flow of oppression. But that is not the case in a democracy. The king has subjects; But here the people are the king. The people have a king but here the king is the people.

The characteristic of a republic is, Freedom of thought, freedom of conduct, freedom of writing, freedom of printing, freedom of religion. Such freedoms are automatically acquired by him. Therefore, every citizen can live in a republic freely, fearlessly, without any kind of pressure.

In monarchy, ‘Sir, you are wrong ! ‘ The tongue of a man who speaks like this is cut off, today, even a certain man on the street can say to the Prime Minister, ‘Sir, you are wrong! Another feature of the republic is the election. The people elect their representatives and the elected representatives run the government.

We are the representatives of the people They have to think about the wishes of the people, the hopes and aspirations of the people, the good and the bad of them while they are ruling because the consciousness is constantly piercing them. The term of an elected government is usually five years.

So we respected the wishes of the people Otherwise, the fear that people will not elect you back is constantly haunting them. For five years, if a government becomes as tyrannical as the enthroned king, people can pull him down from his throne.

The history of Indiraji’s emergency is well known Is. When Indira Gandhi started behaving like a dictator, people pulled her down. Another feature is the opposition. Democracy can be transformed into dictatorship if there is no one to oppose the government.

Therefore, the Leader of the Opposition is the same as the Chief Minister It matters. Also, there is no such thing as equality in a democracy. There is no such difference between men and women. Many such things can be said. But this does not mean that there are no flaws in democracy. There are certain paths to democracy.

If the sick person does not follow the dietIf you do something wrong, the disease can take its toll. The same goes for democracy. Democracy is on the verge of death if the diet is not followed. Democracy takes time.

Freedom by ignorant citizens means Even if it is taken as arbitrariness and tyranny, the nerd of democracy can still be affected. Citizens are constantly warned, ‘Warning! Keep the balance! Take care not to lose balance!

Study: The Diet of Democracy: Member of the Senate

Once a member of the United States Was speaking in the Senate. No one in the Senate liked his idea. Did not agree. Then the other members started shouting. The bells started ringing, ‘Sit down!’ His speech was interrupted by ‘busses’.

Seeing this, the President got up and said, ‘Stop it. I disagree with each and every word that he utters; but I uphold his right to say it ‘Let him speak (Stop this joke. I disagree with every word of what he is saying.

The citizens of the country are so enlightenedDemocracy thrives in that country. In a democracy, the members of Parliament are fearless. They also have the right to criticize the Prime Minister. What a Member of Parliament says in Parliament cannot be prosecuted.

Ca. When Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, This is the case then. Ca. Jagannathrao Joshi, Scholar, Outstanding Speaker, Ra. Late. A loyal volunteer of the Sangh, when he was an MP, he asked Indira Gandhi, “Do you have any plans to negotiate with the Naga rebels?”

Democracy (2)

As much as the government today Practices are prevalent, of which democracy is the best. One sentence should be remembered in this context of the state run by the people, by the people, for the people. The plant of democracy cannot be grown in any type of soil. (Land) The seed of democracy does not take root in any kind of soil.

This means the nation for democracy The environment should be conducive to democracy. Democracy is flourishing in only a few countries in Europe. Democracy in Asia and Africa is a mockery of democracy. For one thing, the environment in that nation (the land in that nation) is not conducive to democracy.

Democracy should be implemented in a nation If so, then the citizens of that nation are not merely intensive and well-educated, they should be cultured. Citizens need to be well aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Social commitment to the citizens I want to be aware. In a democracy, people should live for others rather than for themselves. I want to look after the interests of others, not just myself. For this, many times you have to change your choice.

Sacrificing a few things for another Have to do. If such a list were to be made, it would be like Maruti’s growing tail. Those who run the government as representatives of the people should be more aware. I do not deserve to be elected if I do not serve the interests of those who elected me.

So no matter how many votes I get, This awareness must be constantly in his mind. Education, discipline and modesty should be his trio. ‘I am a man who has learned till the seventh grade. Democracy will not take root in a country where there are people bragging about whether it will happen or not.

I must obey the laws I have made. Law means law; even for brother – in – law – (मेव्हणा). When I drive in a red light, there will be no democracy in a country where there are people who think that even if I don’t follow the traffic rules, it will work.

Only for the purpose of winning the election Democracy will not last in a country where elections are held for a person without character. Democracy ceases to be a democracy – it becomes a mobocracy.

So something like a sick man Democracy has to follow strict rules just as it has to follow strict rules. If those rules are not followed, the sapling of democracy will become a poisonous tree and the upliftment of the nation, the prosperity of the citizens will remain, this democracy will lead to the death of the nation.

Democracy – Abraham Lincoln of Panpur Gutenberg was paying tribute to the fallen soldiers of the American Civil War. Speaking spontaneously, the definition of democracy came out of his mouth. – A Government of the people, for the people and by the people will never perish – and it became worldly.

Concluding your speech Abraham Lincoln had said. What we say here will be forgotten; but what they did here will ever be remembered. ‘ See what a coincidence. The exact opposite happened. Everyone remembered what Lincoln said, and what those brave soldiers did, whether in America or not, knew who to go to.

by means if buy the people If this is taken to mean off of the people and far the people, then democracy is mob rule. People who are elected should be aware of their responsibilities.

In the Lok Sabha about my performance (Parliament) If you know that the question is going to be asked, then that member should be shocked. He must be terrified. An event in the history of England.

Once upon a time there was a guard The guard grew a beard. His superiors didn’t like it. He said to the guard, ‘You shave! The guard replied, ‘No. My personal question is whether to grow a beard or not.

If I had to grow a beard today If so, I have the right to increase it. Yes, if I do wrong in my work, I will listen to what you have to say. ‘ His superior did not like the guard’s answer. He suspended the guard.

That guard is a parliamentarian The member reached out and asked him, ‘You have a question in Parliament, can someone be suspended for having a beard?’ The senior was frightened when he learned that my conduct would be questioned in Parliament.

He immediately suspended the guard Without. And he said to the guard, ‘From tomorrow you work behind the scenes, not in the audience.’ Democracy lasts only when the members of the Lok Sabha are so frightened.

If a Member of Parliament questions If they are going to take money for asking, then it is time to build the bridge of democracy. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks