Lost Childhood Marathi Essays | Haravlele Balpan Essay In Marathi

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Lost Childhood Marathi Essays | Haravlele Balpan Essay In Marathi

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Lost Childhood Marathi Essays | Haravlele Balpan Essay In Marathi


Lost Childhood Marathi Essays | Haravlele Balpan Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you Lost Childhood Marathi We will look at the essay.

“Childhood is God,

Mung sugar semolina. ”

Saints want innocence in childhood Is. It is because of innocence that everyone is saying – romantic to childhood ‘. I do not agree with this. Nowadays, who would call childhood fantasy? We grow up as soon as we are born. Reason,

Nowadays a two year old child is born, That it immediately climbs the school steps. Hey, I’ve been going to school since I was two years old. After all, he has no one to play with at home. There will play among the children. The real reason is, the mother was released in just two hours! The school girl and her aunt take care of the children!

Get admission in a good school, So what a mess! The children come and go, asking questions and even leaving. I remember that day. I had an interview. Mom took me. I was getting a lot of sleep. Then when I went to the left, I ran out without answering. So what, mother tormented so much, that’s it! When did you know yes? The same situation applies to all children.

I don’t really think so You have experienced the beauty of childhood. In my opinion, children are losing their childhood nowadays. Wants to play, wants to play; But that homework takes away our joy. At what age did he study? How big is the backpack burden? The competition starts from birth.

Parents think, my gold is better To be an actor, to be a good painter, to be a good musician, to be a good singer, and also to be so smart in studies, that I should come first. What kind of device are we children? Whatever you throw away, it should come out. The device has no emotions; But we have!

Now look, enjoy the holidays though Can it be consumed? On vacation we leave for some camp. The residential camp is very good. Meaningless recitation has to be done for the sake of recitation competition. That is to say, the tongue takes a turn. What turn did you take?

Our extortion on the turn. No place to play, go to the field every evening. If you don’t go on the field, then come out as Sachin Tendulkar. I have taken a liking to those prosody classes. Is there any choice?

Slightly increased class, that external teaching. School is over, that teaching, teaching before school. All day long. Sometimes I feel like watching TV, as an order to ‘study’. Now you tell me, would you call this childhood a fantasy or a loss? Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks