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“Yere yere rain gives you money

It’s raining cats and dogs. “

That is why we are the heart of Varun Rajaरतेने Waiting like a hawk. Because our country ‘India’ is agricultural and that is why this ‘rain’ has got a unique significance. In Maharashtra, almost 5060% of the agricultural land is dependent on rain water, but the monsoon is unpredictable and erratic.

In rural areas, all the people are engaged in agriculture Dependent and for the most part agriculture is a dry land dependent on rain water. Without rains, droughts in the area would make it impossible for farmers to grow crops, increasing the poverty of the rural population.

So poverty increases, animals Due to lack of fodder and water, people die of malnutrition and this is the problem that Maharashtra had to face for some years.

Mumbai, Nashik, Kolhapur, Sangli, Parbhani, Gujarat, Satara especially received heavy rains that caused floods and wet drought conditions. Mumbaikars have to bear this biggest blow for the last 2 to 3 years.

Due to the large population of Mumbai Due to inadequate living conditions of the population, due to inadequate disposal of sewage and waste, especially plastic bags, these bags get washed away with rain water and get stuck in the drainage system.

Due to heavy rains The rising water level led to floods, causing huge loss of life and property. In Mumbai as well as other places, the animals died due to water seeping into the animal nests in the middle of the house. As a result, the ‘Bhaiya people’ in Mumbai suffered a lot of financial losses.

The huts were submerged due to the floods. Therefore, there was a big problem of shelter for the people living there.

Also, floods caused traffic jams As a result, prices of essential commodities skyrocketed, children’s schools declared holidays, and local trains stood still, causing financial losses to the general public.

As well as theirs in all of this There was a lot of squabbling. A metropolis like Mumbai has been suffering this loss for the last two years. Villages were submerged, Kalaram Goraram and surrounding temples as well as houses were submerged, so much rain fell.

Released from Koyna Dam Due to water, flood situation was created in Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, so there was a lot of damage. Kolhapur is an important place for dairy and sugar industry.

But the floods caused a lot of financial problems this time The government is trying to help the flood victims, whose homes, lands and farms have been washed away.

They have a special package facility, Flood victims were being relocated to safer places, but the government’s financial aid was not reaching everyone. Many people were deprived of this aid.

A huge amount of ‘package’ to everyone If it does not reach, it disappears in the middle. Such is the situation of flood victims in Maharashtra at present. So normal, poorThe flood-hit masses have no support. Chief Minister, leaders come to the congregation only to inspect and give promises. It can’t do anything without it, but the people are running away from it.

If indeed the government controls the flood If rivers are to be brought in, dams or lakes should be built where rivers are flooded, and systems like Doppler radar should be installed on the dams so that the amount of rain water can be brought under control immediately.

Doppler radar ‘correct’ rain gauge Should also be installed, so that rain water can be controlled. During this monsoon, 1 lakh cusecs of water was released from the dam and floods occurred in Sangli, Satara and Kolhapur.

Similar to Doppler radar and rain gauge If the system is installed on all the dams across the country, especially in Maharashtra, our entire Maharashtra as well as the country will be flood free. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, proper disposal of plastic waste and construction of large drains and drainage can alleviate this problem to a great extent.

Any damage to agriculture due to floods This is not to be taken lightly as rainwater has washed away the fertile soil layers, leaving the lands wetlands and barren. The farmers who had these lands have now lost their means of subsistence.

Waiting for rains in Maharashtra People used to watch eagerly, but now that the rains are approaching, it is time to say ‘Jare Jare Pavasa’ instead of ‘Yere Yere Pavasa’. The floods of the last two-three years are causing huge financial losses to the general public and alternatively to the government and are creating obstacles in the progress of Maharashtra.

Rain is a must for everyone Is. But if it is excessive, it becomes abusive and everyone gets hit. Therefore, we will pray to Varun Raja to let the rain fall regularly and regularly. Friends, you can also tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting. Thanks