Man ke haare haar hai man ke jite jeet par essay Man ke hare har hai man ke jite jit par essay

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Man ke haare haar hai man ke jite jeet par essay Man ke hare har hai man ke jite jit par essay

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Man ke haare haar hai man ke jite jeet par essay Man ke hare har hai man ke jite jit par essay


Man ke haare haar hai man ke jite jeet par essay Man ke hare har hai man ke jite jit par essay

Hello friends, today we Mana ke haare har hai hai man ke jite jeet par essay You will know essays on this subject. In this proverb a great truth of life is revealed. Man’s mind governs all his activities. Favorable and unfavorable conditions come and go in our life. If we maintain our endurance even in adverse circumstances, we can overcome them.

On the contrary, if we become impatient and frustrated, we will be defeated even if we have all kinds of means at hand.

Human life is like a playground. Everyone here is a player. In order to win the game, the player has to be fit and healthy as well as have confidence in himself. The one whose mind is strong is the one who is truly healthy and self-confident.

Sometimes there is victory in the game, sometimes there is defeat. In the same way, in life there is sometimes success, sometimes failure. The one whose mind is strong, takes inspiration from his defeat. Her defeat keeps scratching her self-esteem.

He constantly tries to achieve success and finds peace only by turning his defeat into victory. Conversely, a person who has a weak mind loses his temper and loses his temper with even the slightest defeat.

Shivaji Maharaj was born into a modest feudal family. All the circumstances were opposite to him. Still, his mind did not give up. He took iron from powerful enemies like Adilshahi Sultans, Portuguese, Mughals etc. With the strong power of his mind, he overcame all obstacles and found peace only by establishing ‘Hindavi Swarajya’.

When Mahatma Jotiba Phule started the work of propagating and disseminating women’s education in Maharashtra, she faced fierce opposition from the society. But his mind was not one to give up. Despite enduring all kinds of insults, they continued to struggle to achieve their goal.

In the end, she proved by lighting the torch of women’s education in Maharashtra that ‘the loser of the mind is the loser, the winner of the mind is the winner!’

This proverb is as true about a country or a nation as it is about a person’s life. The greatest strength of a country or nation lies in the strong will of the inhabitants of that country.

In the fierce flames of the Second World War, Japan’s arts, crafts, industries, etc. were completely destroyed. But the patriotic Japanese did not give up. He rebuilt his country in a very short time with the invincible power of his mind and made it the top nation in the world.

While congratulating such selfless heroes, the poetess Mahadevi Verma says – ‘Even defeat will be yours, the flag of Manini Jai.’ What is the real form of victory or defeat? The victory that makes us blossom in pride and slow down our progress,

That is really the role of our defeat. The defeat that inspires us to struggle with double enthusiasm proves to be the true victory.

Just as the saws of the wheel of the chariot keep coming and going from time to time, in the same way the order of victory and defeat continues in the life of a human being. We should not be mad with joy at our victory.

Similarly, one should not lose patience over one’s defeat and sink into the sea of ​​despair. In both defeat and victory, we must continue to move towards our destination at a natural pace.

We must always remember that ‘the purpose of this path is not to stay in the weary building, but to reach the limit beyond which there is no way!’ Guys, tell us how you felt about this essay by commenting.