Manakat Marathi essay of Padakya Deola Padakya Devalayache Manogat Marathi Essay

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Manakat Marathi essay of Padakya Deola Padakya Devalayache Manogat Marathi Essay

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Manakat Marathi essay of Padakya Deola Padakya Devalayache Manogat Marathi Essay


Manakat Marathi essay of Padakya Deola Padakya Devalayache Manogat Marathi Essay

Hello friends, today we are thinking of the fallen temple We will look at Marathi essays. This city province was sanctified by Lord Ramchandra during his exile. Godavari, which flows through the northern part of the district, is a temple located on the banks of Dakshin Ganga and Amrutvahini Pravara.

Ramachandra on the banks of these two rivers Lived. During the Ramayana period, all parts of Nagar district were falling into Dandakaranya. Many sages and monks used to set up their ashrams on the banks of both Godavari and Pravara rivers.

This ashram is south of Vindhya mountain There were only scattered Aryan colonies. These colonies were plagued by monsters. This trouble was removed by Lord Ramachandra by releasing him. The belt that happened during the Ramayana period The realities of Jatayu on the fort, the chase and slaughter of the golden deer at Sitaharan in Godakath, the place where such incidents took place, was where I lived.

Such was my establishment in the same century Took place in the Holy Land. Due to my presence, many people used to come to my Vastu and pay obeisance to the Goddess. This land of mine is a land preserved by a wonderful place. This former part is Dandakaranya. This area is called Ramakshetra.

I was built by a Satyavrati Brahmin Temple. I considered myself very blessed; Because my destiny to live in such a holy land! The area around me was also sanctified by such incidents.

It is said that from the churning of gods and demons Departed ‘Lord Vishnu had to take the form of Ardhanari Nateshwar, meaning Mahalaya, so that the nectar would not fall into the hands of demons. After stealing the path of demons, he sat in Devpanchayat and started drinking nectar. This was noticed by Lord Vishnu. He left Sudarshan Chakra and blew Rahu’s head off. That is ‘Rahuri’.

I have witnessed such incidents. I used to recite Saptashati in my house. All the evil forces were destroyed by the smoke of Yajna. My ears used to be satisfied with the sound of Akhand Parayane, Bhajan, Kirtan. The atmosphere filled with constant consciousness was becoming auspicious. Purity is in every part of me.

Therefore, I am a sacred structure with rites ! Away from the temple village; So there was no hustle and bustle here every day. But on Navratri, it is Dhamdhum. Akhand Nandadeep, Toran all used to make the religious atmosphere more aware. Three generations after our original owner worshiped my spirit. After maintaining all the customs, however, the dynasty faltered.

Disputes arose over the temple. There is no guardian left. Being ancient, it needed to be repaired. But who will? This is where my plight slowly began. All that’s left is my remnant! Fractured state!

To see the events of Ramayana period Fortunately, my very existence was in danger. The owls made me their habitat. Slowly the flames began to rise. Layers of dust began to form. Gradually the traces of my existence began to disappear.

Eventually people forgot about me. With no improvement in that area, I was completely blindsided by the sparsely populated area. Will my goodness come to fruition?

I hope, someday someone Will restore me Being saved again, I will stand in the same mind as before. I will have the opportunity to hear the recitation of Vedmantra again. I pray that someone will give me wisdom and wait for me.

“Take whatever you want,

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