Manipat Marathi essay of Feriwala phereevalyache manogat Essay in English

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Manipat Marathi essay of Feriwala phereevalyache manogat Essay in English

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Manipat Marathi essay of Feriwala phereevalyache manogat Essay in English


Manipat Marathi essay of Feriwala phereevalyache manogat Essay in English

Hello friends, today you are thinking of a peddler We will look at Marathi essays. Does ‘I’ mean just my name or the work I do? Say what’s in a name! I’m not a celebrity, I’m not a big man in society.

Just an honest, hardworking peddler Is. From time to time I come to your house to sell household items. Why now? I don’t have my own shop. And, yes, I realize I’m the billionth person to make that joke.

Born into a very ordinary family I am a poor man. The day has come and gone. What’s the use of worrying about tomorrow? Do the same. Education Jemtem S. S. Up to c. Parents can’t afford to teach further and higher education doesn’t suit me.

Not likely to get a job. Somewhere in the meager salary to work day by day, and commitment ….! So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. So I had a vision of real society.

I remember, when I was in school Our school had a self-reliance plan. I used to sell cosmetics, oil, soap, candles, pantas and firecrackers on Diwali. The more you sell, the more you benefit. I never missed an opportunity to work during the holidays without investing my own capital. That experience was great.

Basically I am Bolbachan. I’ve never been to anyone Not hitting. Even if someone gets angry, I bear it silently. I have a tendency to be patient. Now I introspect myself. Assess the overall economic, family, social situation. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. It is necessary.

Then I sell small and large items at the door Started a business. There will be no capital from the house. Because the family’s financial situation is bleak. Okay. Nowadays, women in every household are out of the house for work. So they like to shop at home. With all this in mind, I decided to become a peddler.

I have been in this business since I was 16 years old Started. At first I used to sell spices, papad, kuradya, shevaya. But this business cannot be done all year round. Then we have to sell those things. It made people believe in me. A kind of intimate relationship developed.

One such day, a householder visited me Advised to sell household items. The householder said, “Look, you have the ability to sell well. Besides, people trust you. So start this business. I solve the problem of capital.

I made you in my own factory Will give things. Don’t give anything as collateral for that. My faith in you and your faith in me is the capital. That is salvation. You get leverage to grow your business faster. “

I have been around 20 since then Has been working as a peddler for years. Bad experiences also come. Some people close the door on their mouths. Some dismiss the beggar as if he had been kicked out. What they have brought, they do not even see, far from understanding! Anyway, at the same time meet very good people.

Good relationship with some houses, good Has been identified. Some take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. A person must have such a nature, right? In doing any business we have to get a helping hand from the community.

Both are needed. Still to the seller More is needed. Because, only if he gets four paise, his character will work. So I think my customers are my lord. The Lord meets me in their form. Because God has promised

“योगक्षेमं वहाम्यम्.”

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