Marathi essay if I meet God | Mala Dev Bhetla Tar Essay in English

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Marathi essay if I meet God | Mala Dev Bhetla Tar Essay in English

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Marathi essay if I meet God | Mala Dev Bhetla Tar Essay in English


Marathi essay if I meet God | Mala Dev Bhetla Tar Essay in English

Hello friends, if you meet God today We will look at Marathi essays. If I met God … really, the idea is great. Success in anything, whatever we ask for, is it from God? God! How glorious Bapare. I just stared at him.

God said, “Say, what do you want?” You remember me, so you must want something, don’t you? God doesn’t remember when your people are all right. “” God, we children are the flowers of your house, aren’t we?

We want to play a lot; It’s too late. But these big men have put a lot of restrictions on us. Take a simple example. Rain! I wanted to get wet in that rain. But mother cries, if you get wet in the rain

Will get sick You tell mom. The trees, the birds, the frogs, the animals all get wet in the rain; So why do they fall ill? Then even if we get wet, we will not get sick. We have no yard to play at all. What small houses! Make our houses very large and have a large front yard.

“Also, make that school enjoyable. Don’t be burdened with backpacks or be afraid of exams. Get out of school. Get rid of all that information in history and geography, all the terms in science, formulas, interpretations. The children living in our neighboring village are very poor.

Work despite being so poor Do. They don’t have time to learn in school and can’t afford books. They work so hard, but they don’t get to eat pizza, bread, vegetables, ice cream, anything. So God, why such rich-poor inequality? Childhood is losing. Give it up so we can spend it happily.

“Some people are immoral. They They bribe, lie, and deceive others. Give them good judgment and give them the wisdom to serve the country from now on. A lot of people are ignorant. So they are superstitious.

False people call them by your name Cheat; They lie. Give them good wisdom too and get them out of this whirlpool of superstition. “There is a loudspeaker in the temple next to ours.

Then cover those devotees of yours If you put it, noise pollution will be avoided. God, turn the magic wand on all the bad things and how nice it will be everywhere. But oh yes, what’s the use of fantasy? When will all this be possible? Friends, if God meets me! ‘You can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks