Marathi essay | Kashtavina Phal Nahi Essay In Marathi

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Marathi essay | Kashtavina Phal Nahi Essay In Marathi

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Marathi essay | Kashtavina Phal Nahi Essay In Marathi


Marathi essay | Kashtavina Phal Nahi Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today we are not fruitless without hard work We will look at Marathi essays. Once upon a time, a grandfather was planting a tree. Seeing their age, people started asking, what is the benefit of planting a mango tree at this age? When the tree begins to bear fruit, it may not be a grandfather.

When I asked my grandfather about this, he replied Given; “Fathers, I will not receive this fruit. But my grandchildren will eat it. “Keep working, it will pay off.

True, ‘there is no fruit without effort.’ Worked hard Only then can true satisfaction be found. “Man speaks with pride; he sees these days because he worked hard.” As a result, man’s physical suffering is reduced.

Let’s do ‘alchemy in working hours’ minutes We don’t want to work hard anymore. Today we are starting to rely on machines. If your hands are not used to working, if you are not used to walking, then your hands and feet will be useless, right?

Like before man had a tail. But her Not used at all; So she ran away. What if the same thing happened to the limbs? In fact, this is something to be taken seriously. We are ashamed to work hard.

Physical hardship to people in rural areas Have to do. They toil; So the grain grows in the field. But the urban people are not used to it. The tendency of the working class to do valuable work is going to be dangerous. If you work hard, your health will improve.

Exhaustion makes you hungry and sleep is good It takes. He forgets the worries of the toiler while toiling. He has no time to worry. The only true happiness is that which is obtained through hard work, that is, through hard work.

Japan, devastated by World War II, Germany rebuilt the country with difficulty. Israel creating paradise out of the desert. All of them toiled, toiled; That is why they made progress. Hard work is never wasted. The working class is certainly happier in some respects than the intelligentsia.

Strengthen the body, Protects against diseases. There is true happiness in hard work and service. Those who work hard get true satisfaction and happiness. Hard work means self reliance. A self-reliant person never says, ‘If it is my green, I will give it when I go to bed.’ He will make the beds by working hard first, only then Hari will give it to him.

“Where there’s a hand, there’s a green.” The fruit of true hard work. Nothing will be gained without hard work. If we work hard, then nothing is impossible. Without hard work, there is no fruit.

Again and again everyone is yours The mind will play, there is no fruit without hard work ‘, then he will never look back and forth to work hard. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks