Marathi essay on drought affected farmers | Dushkalgrast Shetkryach Manogat Marathi essay

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Marathi essay on drought affected farmers | Dushkalgrast Shetkryach Manogat Marathi essay

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Marathi essay on drought affected farmers | Dushkalgrast Shetkryach Manogat Marathi essay


Marathi essay on drought affected farmers | Dushkalgrast Shetkryach Manogat Marathi essay

Hello friends, today we are thinking of a drought stricken farmer We will look at Marathi essays. My greetings to all Indians. Don’t recognize me? Hey, I’m your breadwinner. Filling your stomach; But he himself is a half-fed Indian farmer. ]

India is an agricultural country. 75% The brothers live and work in the village. I stand before you as their representative.

Friends, this is Kali Yuga. Atrocities are on the rise. Nature has also become capricious. We constantly try to please Varun Raja; But he also gets upset from time to time. All agriculture depends on rainfall. It rained a lot, but there was a wet drought and no rain,

So dry drought. Such natural disasters have to be faced constantly. Hard and hard from morning till night. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. But hard work does not pay off. Eighteen worlds have reached the fifth level of poverty, hence the insult, humiliation!

We farmers are in debt Born, spends his whole life in debt repayment and dies as a debtor. Modern agriculture, government schemes, government aid only paperwork. What good is it to us? When it comes to buying new tools, it’s a question of money. If you want to get a loan, you have to pay a lot of interest.

The year round is zero! Hey, the water problem is so bad. All the rain. The sowing was done, and the rain fell, and the shoots sprouted and burned for lack of water. Our hopes burned like those buds. What to eat How to live This question. This life struggle is normal!

There is a well in my field; But in summer, it dries up. Due to lack of water, farming has become very difficult to do as a business. We have to struggle to survive in the face of the values ​​of labor, service and sacrifice.

Now look at our standard of living How simple, how simple, how low the needs are; But even that cannot be fulfilled. Drought is a habit for us now. The dream of farming is not coming true; But even simple drinking water is bad.

Pots and pans for miles Our necks are broken. The shoulder blades become loose. How to tolerate drinking water? Water is life. Lack of water endangers our lives. The hanging sword of constant drought. The whole future is in darkness. The biggest grief is to see the condition of raw children with the naked eye. What is their crime? So they were born in our womb.

Government as a drought victim Announces help. But what actually comes in handy? All funds freeze until they reach us. Cheating! Gross deception. The common man thinks that the farmers are begging. There is a lot of help from the government. But the truth does not reach the common man.

Drought is declared, some Drought works are removed; But it does not benefit the farmers. Loans taken for seeds, implements, fertilizers cannot be repaid. Nothing comes in handy. The whole thing gets out of hand. So tell me, does the farmer have any choice but to commit suicide? Better a poor horse than no horse at all. You would call it cowardice. Let’s not say, let’s go to his lineage!

Hey, ours last year The bull is gone. If there is no food for people in famine, where will the animals get it? Where will the green leaves grow due to drought? No water to drink, no food to eat. Food and water are the number one necessities of life. There is no provision for that.

All life is spent. CongregationWhen the ox was gone, my young goats took the place of the ox and plowed the field. What did you get by working so hard? The rain showed hope. Just fell for a week. We sowed seeds. Dried as sowing.

In the hope that pearls will grow Is happy. But what about The rain gave way. All the crops were burnt. No; Our hopes are burned No, tell me happiness, don’t tell me sorrow. But What’s the use of telling the mind? How can anyone understand our crying mind? So the mind presented our grief. All of you stand behind us.

Get rid of the injustice that is happening to us Pray to. I am your breadwinner. Only if I get food, I will live and grow, only then will I grow grain. So understand us in times of drought and extend a helping hand. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks