Marathi essay on environment | Environment essay in Marathi

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Marathi essay on environment | Environment essay in Marathi

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Marathi essay on environment | Environment essay in Marathi


Marathi essay on environment | Environment essay in Marathi

Hello friends, today we are the environment We will look at Marathi essays. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh was distributing awards to teachers on Teachers’ Day (September 5) at Jalgaon Zilla Parishad. Ideal teachers at the same time no. Arunbhai Gujarathi was giving a single sapling for tree planting.

When the event ended, almost The plants remained lying under the chairs of 99% of the guests … I was moved to see this picture. ‘Tree planting’ was one of the tasks for which teachers’ ideals were measured, and this was the difference at that time. Only I brought that plant home and according to others, I am not the ‘ideal’; But it became ‘Bawalat’ (?).

Even today, that plant has grown The ‘Sonmohra’ tree reminds me of this. Teachers’ initiative for public interest matters is expected … should be. So I have always been active in planting trees in the premises of the society as a teacher in the school, as a citizen and as the president of a housing society.

At the same time be aware, So that the planted seedlings can grow safely. Goats and other parasites will be kept away, at the same time it will be seen whether water is given regularly or not. Because the plant has to be taken care of like a small child. In a sense, the planter is his guardian.

In fact, it is a tree plantation It is a collective responsibility, not an individual matter. If everyone accepts this responsibility as per the saying ‘Thebe Thembe Tale Sache’, then the area will be green and the pleasant nature will be hidden from the eyes.

Emperor about 23 centuries ago It is found that Ashoka also gave importance to tree protection in his royal decree. Men from all walks of life have already given environmental education, remembering that the time has come for such behavior! True! She is like that.

“We wish you all the best Materials – The tools come from the mother earth, so the trees give you flowers, fruits, stems, medicine, fuels, rain, fragrance, shade, support, fodder, shelter and many more to protect the next generation. ‘Chipko Movement, Tree Friends Circles, Forestry, Water Conservation, Social Forests, environmental protection, etc. are gaining unique importance. We should all voluntarily protect Vrikshavalli.

But sometimes this matter is regrettable It seems that we plant trees at the hands of dignitaries in every pass. At that time, he uses the same pit from last year. ‘What happened to the seedlings planted there last year?’ No one is investigating. For this, if the planted plant is grown with full authority like ‘one child … one plant’, then with full responsibility; But can live for sure.

We are the child’s name plate Experiment with planting near that tree. He will benefit a lot. Being experimental is always a (mental) satisfaction rather than doing nothing. The joy of achievement is like heaven!

‘Protect the environment, the solution is the same : Tree Plantation ‘, I AM A TREE LOVER’

Gudipadva to Kadunimb, Ramanavami Vadana is worshiped on Davana, Vatpoornime, and Tulsi is worshiped on Ashadi Ekadashi. Coconut is not celebrated on Narli Pournima, Rui on Hartalika, Durva on Ganesh Chaturthi, Apta on Dussehra, Bela except Mahashivaratri.

The smell of Shitaladevi on neem If so, Pimpal is a symbol of Vishnu. It is believed that Lord Buddha performed penance under the head, while Brahma is originally in the trunk of the amla, Vishnu and Shiva in the branch. Kadamba is the symbol of Krishna, while Shalmali is the symbol of Indra,

The mango tree is a form of Prajapati Rui is considered to be the symbol of reproduction, while Nivdung is the symbol of Mansadevi. Coconut is a symbol of Lakshmi and goodwill, while Durva’s Tridal is a symbol of purity-spiritual strength and enthusiasm. Rice is a sign of good fortune … In Indian culture, trees and plants have become such an integral part of life.

Children’s Chandoba also of Nimboni Hide behind the tree, right? Mangalprasangi banana pillar stands affectionately. Can’t remember the headband from the mango leaf pylon? Trees You will be with us for the rest of our lives Give. What do we give them in return? This is the question he should ask himself and be determined to plant trees to save the environment … this is the essence of it all! Conclusion !!!

Finally, in the words of Balakavi By the way, the ‘green grass velvet carpet of green grass’ will make your eyes water and it will reduce the gloom of the concrete forest! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks