Marathi essay on flood victims | Purgrastache Manogat Essay in English

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Marathi essay on flood victims | Purgrastache Manogat Essay in English

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Marathi essay on flood victims | Purgrastache Manogat Essay in English


Marathi essay on flood victims | Purgrastache Manogat Essay in English

Hello friends, today we are thinking of flood victims We will look at Marathi essays. Hello friends! I am your brother. Flooded I am from Mumbai. Mumbai received unprecedented rainfall this year. Captive Mumbai trembled. Rail traffic was disrupted. Cities and suburbs flooded.

Got stuck To stop the rain No signs. With the help of the media, the news of the flood was hitting the ears. The monstrous forms of nature were coming to the fore. The scenes on the television were literally not watching. The old huts collapsing due to heavy rains, carrying vehicles, people, animals, many huts were being carried away.

Man learns a lot in crisis. I was no exception. Who is going to control such rain? At such times conflicting events were being experienced. As I walked out of the office, my house appeared before my eyes.

I was living in an old hut. With this thought, the flood must have been ruined by this rain. The mind was running fast towards home; But the whole disrupted system makes it impossible for the body to move. Thoughts flooded the mind and rain in the sky. The mind is at home

There was a craving and a rush of water The body was pulling. Kasabsa, we reached the house after doing many exercises. My wife and my little boy were in the house when the house collapsed.

His thoughts swelled the limbs. What about them If it had happened, the idea would have filled the body. The things in the house seemed too small for him. Crazy, I started shouting at them. Everyone has the same status as me. Who to ask?

Whose eyes his man Was looking for. Anxiety was visible on everyone’s face. After a long time, the water level dropped slightly. Someone saw a woman moaning under a heap. Went to get her out. Wounds all over his body, black-blue curves, even his face was unrecognizable.

The little boy next door. He is also unconscious. They were pushed out of the soil. He is my wife and son. He was rushed to a hospital where he was rushed to a nearby hospital. Thoughts were awakened after a while.

Gangamai came as a guest in the house, Danced around the house. There was a realization of how man seeks happiness in it too. The mud continued to rise for a long time. The whole world was destroyed. The whole gathering started again. The government announced aid for the flood victims.

From society, other states, other countries, The flow of help started from everyone. But he could not reach the real victims. All those who were unharmed began to receive help. It is true that unity is manifested through diversity; But the selfish attitude of the opportunists was also experienced.

About the flood, of course, about its cause While thinking, we realized that even though floods are a natural disaster, we are largely responsible for it. We put the radar in the river basin; As a result, river basins become narrow and shallow.

Plastic in the natural flow of rivers Obstacles are created. Rare constructions were done by filling the river basin. The sea was removed and construction was done. Doesn’t nature get angry when you act against nature?

The crisis came suddenly, not even the government Collapses. Just start running. Thousands for disaster management, including volunteer training, medicine supplies, helicopters, lifeguards, boats, etc.

Hundreds of lives are lost The world collapses. Friends, I have suffered a lot as a flood. I am not the only one flooded; There are many people like me. On behalf of all of them, I ask the question, who is responsible for all this crisis?

So, friends, do every action thoughtfully. Think about the consequences of taking action. Humans are not born again. So try to stay healthy without suffering. Will you Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks