Marathi Essay on Nature My Friend | Nisarg Maza Mitra Essay In Marathi

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Marathi Essay on Nature My Friend | Nisarg Maza Mitra Essay In Marathi

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Marathi Essay on Nature My Friend | Nisarg Maza Mitra Essay In Marathi


Marathi Essay on Nature My Friend | Nisarg Maza Mitra Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, today you are my friend of nature We will look at Marathi essays. As soon as the word ‘nature’ is uttered, the pulses of body and mind begin to open, the eyes become emotional, the ears become alert, the fingers begin to contract.

“You are the artist, you are the sculptor

Gurunam Guru you

Dear friend

The heart shines with your beauty

The earth and the sky will shine … ”

The picture of creation drawn by nature is wonderful It is a triune confluence of consciousness, beauty and prosperity. In it, the earthy scent, the fragrance of the dancing flowers, the songs of the springs, The thunder of clouds, the dancing of lightning, of birds The roar of the river, the rustling of the river, the rustling of the leaves, the roar of the sea, all these are in the picture of nature, Is inside.

Various colors and Jui is. The beauty flower is rotten. Butterflies are fluttering on it. There is a green parrot. Pancharangi is salty. There are many birds. How can this great painter, who paints so many things like planets, satellites, moons, stars, moon, sun, mountains, rivers, mountains, live without captivating the mind? The poet is called Keshavsut

“Even if such beauty is found somewhere, it is a fragrance in creation

Look, Mohil, she is always with you“Such is nature! This nature has given us happiness, prosperity, culture. Human beings will never be able to repay the debt of nature. Nature is the embodiment of the Lord.

The flowers on the tree are called, Laughing trees say- Live and let live, rivers say- Philanthropy is life, the sun says- Be bright. The sea says be endless, be vast. The whole nature is telling us to live a selfless life.

In the Botanical Gardens of Kolkata There is a tree. The same tree has leaves of different sizes. No other leaf has the same root! That tree is called ‘Pagla Ped’. The viewer, however, goes mad with joy.

Nature is what we wantGives food, water. Love and beauty flow freely. Sometimes it also shows whimsy. Drought, earthquakes, floods come in the form of thunderstorms? Mother Nature teaches creativity, forgiveness and equality as the picture changes in an instant.

A single flowering greenery Vasudha is the empress of nature. We are born in the earthen cushion, we grow and we take our final sleep in this earthen cushion. The earth does not discriminate between king and rank. Trees give shade. Fruits give flowers.

Live for others . Rivers do not drink their own water. Philanthropy is expressed in the particles of nature. That is why nature is a guru. Free hand teacher.

Onjal, however, you have to keep the ritual No. Listening to the ants, perseverance and hard work from the spider weaving the web, the grandeur of the mountains, the coolness of the moon, the brightness of the sun, all that is in nature is to be brought to life. Nature is always ready to help as a friend.

When emotions are aroused When the stars in the core of the heart do not match the tunes, then the lonely human mind goes somewhere far away in the company of nature and gives way to its tears.

Then it will be the beach or The cool moon will be a quiet night to witness. There was a lot of conversation between silent nature and silent emotions. The storm in my heart calms down. ”The essence of life unfolded.

Nature’s ‘friend’ is my hope Filled, all despair vanished “For the sake of material happiness today man is trying to conquer nature. But he is forgetting that nature is asking us a question – ‘Man, when will you be a man, you will be a’ man ‘?’

Live for others. All colors, all Keep the beauty in the eyes, enrich the mind, do not hurt anyone, live a precious life, do not be worthless.

“Green carpet

तृ of green grass velvet.

Such a splash of colors by nature Words are hard to describe. The white galaxy and the bluish white Venus, the radiance of Mars, the crimson yellow and the rainbow with the rainbow …… a beautiful confluence of colors …..

“Looking up, the rainbow’s goof hurtsHeri vinlase mangal toran kaya bandhile, nabhomandapi kuni bhaase “sishasah naman to nature!”Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks