Marathi essay on stones loaded with flowers | PASHANACHA BHAR PHULANA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Marathi essay on stones loaded with flowers | PASHANACHA BHAR PHULANA ESSAY IN MARATHI

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Marathi essay on stones loaded with flowers | PASHANACHA BHAR PHULANA ESSAY IN MARATHI


Marathi essay on stones loaded with flowers | PASHANACHA BHAR PHULANA ESSAY IN MARATHI

Hello friends, today we are loading stones with flowers We will look at Marathi essays.

“To be sincere,

The stars in the eyes of the whole world

Those little flowers

Dear God. “

From the top of the line to you Little girls know how innocent they are. But do you think their innocence has survived in today’s concrete world?

Yesterday I was building a building Saw so many little kids working at the place. When he saw a child helping a laborer carrying a piece of cement on his head, he began to feel sad and upset. Today, these children have cement boards in their hands instead of school boards.

Let them go to school and learn If they want to, they can be seen working in difficult places to help their parents. Sometimes these kids even play and work with their little siblings.

Tiring even large laborers The work is seen by the children. At present the number of child laborers is constantly increasing. These children are seen working everywhere. E.g. These children are kept in the hotel with cups of tea in hand, sometimes to clean the table, to wash the rent, to serve.

Biscuits even at the bus stand, Wafers, water bottles, chocolates etc. Appear to sell. In an organization, to clean the floor, to give water, that’s all These children are also seen in government offices. Some Children are seen sitting on the side of the road or at the train station polishing slippers and shoes. Etc. In many such places children are seen at work.

Like a big heavy-duty These delicate flower-like flowers have to bear the burden of stone-like hardships. It would be amazing to think of what they get in return for this work. Sweating, toiling,

Those kids wandering in the sun After a full day’s work, these children earn Rs. 2, 3 or a maximum of Rs. 10 / -.

Have these children ever been with their parents? So sometimes I have to go to work alone. The situation is so bad that the parents are at home but they (the children) are freed by handing them over to their owners in a hotel, garage and the owners hire the children for very low wages.

Such is the condition of child labor When it comes to who is responsible, first the parents then the society seems responsible. Parents give birth to 4-5 or 7 or more children regardless of their financial situation.

So in certain communities People have come to understand that children are going to light a lamp by learning this. They think that they can help you by working harder than that. But no one pays attention to the effect that all this has on children. Children leave home when they are immature (mentally / physically).

Chases after bad things. They also work harder to earn money quickly and are willing to take the wrong path. As a result, the new generation in the world, not just in the country, is deteriorating.

Therefore, to eliminate child labor and The government must make efforts to save the original, innocent children from suffering. People should care about other children as much as they care about their own children.

I mean, our baby Madan And the ideology of the people has become like that ‘cart of the other’. They should be aware of their responsibilities but they should also be given the same education.

Like ‘Cry’ on a private level The organization is working for children. Also WHO, UNO, UNICEF are working globally. Also, the government has made a provision in its constitution that boys and girls in the age group of 7 to 14 should be given at least basic education.

As well as the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Free education for girls, as well as many concessions and schemes were implemented. But the government alone will not work for it

In every household It should be made clear that those children should be aware that they are responsible citizens of their country.. Only then will books come into the hands of these cowardly children- Pata will come and beautiful poetry songs will come in your mouth. Friends, you can also tell by commenting how you felt about this essay. Thanks