Marathi essay on the subject of a stigma of untouchability Asprushyata Ek Kalank In Essay in English

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Marathi essay on the subject of a stigma of untouchability Asprushyata Ek Kalank In Essay in English

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Marathi essay on the subject of a stigma of untouchability Asprushyata Ek Kalank In Essay in English


Marathi essay on the subject of a stigma of untouchability Asprushyata Ek Kalank In Essay in English

Hello friends, today you Marathi essay on untouchability is a stigma Let’s see. A stigma on humanity Untouchability – a stigma on humanity! In the Mahabharata, Vyas has given a beautiful interpretation of Dharma. ‘Virtue’ is the basis of religion ….

In general, all folk religions are rituals Behaviors are misunderstood. In ancient India, Manu used to write about how castes were born in his scriptures. According to him, people of different castes are created from the various organs of Brahma. Manusmriti describes creation as being from the toes of the gods.

So the people of that time were mean Treating inferiority complex. From this came the word untouchable. What is not touchable is not fit to be touched. He was later treated as an untouchable and enslaved by her.

But later in the 19th century, King Rammohan Roy, Mahatma Phule, Justice Ranade, Shah Maharaj, Babasaheb Ambedkar and other great social reformers through various social organizations and societies such as Brahmo Samaj, Prarthana Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society etc. Seem to be doing.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person This began to determine the man’s eligibility. As a result of incompetent elites, then how will the nation get the right direction? Indeed, ‘what never goes away goes away.’ It would not be wrong to say so. The Lord did not even think about who to go to when He created the world

People in today’s society discriminate against each other They are seen making claims. Forgetting this religion of humanity, people are still following the unjust norms of jealousy and envy.

Breath of Humanity Dharma Acharya Vinoba Bhave In simple words, ‘man to man, man to man’ is the test of true humanity. But man falls right here because jealousy consumes him.

High liberal people in England Just like the idea of ​​showing kindness to juniors. Similarly, the upper caste Brahmins in India were looking at the abolition of untouchability with a view to showing compassion.

M. The flowers named it ‘Bhootdaya’ He conveyed the message to the society that if this is to be eradicated in the true sense of the word, humanitarian approach must be adopted.

In our society, Dr. Babasaheb A great Mahatma like Ambedkar was born into this untouchable clan and after overcoming the sufferings of that time, he asked ‘Who were the Shudras?’ Who are the untouchables in this book? Such a question has been explained to the society.

At that time untouchables were treated with disgust. They were denied entry to the temple and were forbidden to behave like other people. The development of rationalism was hampered by the influence of scripture on caste and not on religion.

Many social reformers’ untouchability The society will not progress unless it is destroyed, ‘he said. Ambedkar did.

The original purpose of this is hundreds of years The aim was for the ignorant society, enslaved, to come forward with the passage of time along with other classes of people and make up for the losses of the last hundreds of years in less time. The aim of the social reformers was to heal the wounds as soon as possible as there was no way to describe their sufferings.

But even today, the wound has healed However, it is sad that his inner wound is still wet. It is for this reason that even today the attitude of the society towards the untouchables has not improved much. Society should accept equality without considering its own values.

“One God, One Country, One Hope”

One caste, one nation, one language

The teaching of such unity is Indian Culture gives. The society needs to be aware of the need of the hour and its conduct in everyday life.

Man is superior to living beings on the strength of intellect Even though the place has been acquired, there still seems to be a balance of animality in human beings. The children of the same God are quarreling with each other while saying this. If it were not so, would some of us have been left untouchable and kept out of the village? They are denied the basic right to life. Their shadow is also considered waste.

Pokhrelle’s life was full of ignorance and superstition In order to bridge the gap of inequality, which is similar to Kaspata, Saint Shrestha Dnyaneshwar tried to reduce the stoma of Chaturvarna in his time. He took people of all castes and tribes with him and only knew that ‘I am a man and she is a man!’ Similarly, Saint Tukaram, Eknath and Mahatma Gandhi have called the untouchables ‘Harijan’ meaning ‘Children of God’.

In today’s age of science, man has’ Vasudhaiva Manavdharma should be followed by realizing the dream of Kutumbakam. The stigma attached to the untouchables should be washed away by breaking the deceptive cage of the mind.

Just as I have the freedom of others Equality must be accepted without acknowledging caste. Only then will untouchability remain a disgrace to humanity if only mankind can enjoy happiness under one roof of the sky. It will be eradicated.

For this, Dnyaneshwar expressed – ‘The demons are friends of each other. ‘ This humanism needs to be practiced. Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay.Thank you