Marathi essays if there were no books Pustake Nasti Tar Essay In Marathi

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Marathi essays if there were no books Pustake Nasti Tar Essay In Marathi

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Marathi essays if there were no books Pustake Nasti Tar Essay In Marathi


Marathi essays if there were no books Pustake Nasti Tar Essay In Marathi

Hello friends, if you don’t have books today, Marathi We will look at the essay. There are plenty of light days in our country. There is an abundance of such literature. The year 23rd April 2001 to 22nd April 2002 was declared as ‘Book Year’ by the government. ‘Books for all and books for all’ was the slogan of the year.

In schools and other educational institutions Book-reading was encouraged. A book firm was established. The rural library movement was supported. Mutual discussions took place between the author and the children.

Emphasis was placed on book exhibitions. Books are made available by organizations such as the government, sponsors, publishers, libraries, and the National Book Trust. While trying to acquire knowledge in such a developing country, the thought came to my mind, if there were no books … indeed, it is a very scary idea.

Books are the door to a new world, to new ideas Opens. The narrow world around us, the world beyond, gives the culture, the opportunity to peek into life. If there were no books, would there have been this opportunity? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Hey, if it weren’t for books, we wouldn’t be able to look at things from a different perspective.

Each time a new meaning was found Would not The unique joy of creativity would have been taken away. Civilization is a sign of man! Man would have remained uncultured without books. The world around us is full of diversity.

It is a creation made up of nature and animals. People have a multifaceted life. There are personal family joys and sorrows. There are social, political, cultural relations. All of this is a creation. Things. Things keep happening. There are newspapers with the history and tradition of the nation.

Man has dreams of the future. Hee Dream books can be completed with little expense and hard work. If it weren’t for all these books, would it be possible? The progress of the society would have stopped. Man would not have dreamed.

Whether the scholar meets the guru or not, dialogue Whether or not you meet a friend to do, whether or not you get an education that allows you to think independently, you get experiences that are easy to get; But there is no other friend like books.

If there were no books, would there be a friend? Vyas, Valmiki wrote books like Ramayana, Mahabharata. Even today we can gain knowledge from them. The literature is very rich. Many texts today, from computers to cooking They guide you step by step. This guidance would have been received? What if there were no books that would make a person cultured? Awesome picture real! Friends, you can also comment on how you felt about this essay. Thanks