Marathi Essays in Advertising | Jahiratinchya vilkhyat essay in english

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Marathi Essays in Advertising | Jahiratinchya vilkhyat essay in english

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Marathi Essays in Advertising | Jahiratinchya vilkhyat essay in english


Marathi Essays in Advertising | Jahiratinchya vilkhyat essay in english

Hello friends, today we are in the throes of advertisements We will look at Marathi essays. The present age is the age of advertising. Advertisements everywhere. Advertisements on the streets, advertisements in newspapers, advertisements in magazines, what more, nowadays also advertisements on any ticket. Turn on the television,

Any program on any channel Look at the ads that are messing around. How many different ways advertising has taken over your life! Advertising constantly in front of your eyes. Words hit the ears, they are advertisements. ‘Advertisements, advertisements, chahkade gam bai, where did the program go?’

Advertising is yours now It has become an integral part of everyday life. These ads also have a psychology. Something is constantly imprinted on the mind, that unknowingly impresses on our mind and begins to feel very familiar. Advertising is done by recognizing human needs and human nature. Ads are often deceptive.

Even kids see ads, Listen. So that thing was their acquaintance. Then the demand for those items starts. Well, the kids are just watching the ads as they walk down the street. The illiterate children recognize the picture correctly, which is an advertisement.

Seeing that ad, their hut starts. This experience is for everyone. Even go to the movies, there are commercials. Go to the field, advertisements there too. Get out of the way, big ads. Go to the train station, go to Este station, go to the bus stop,

Even ubiquitous ads Your lessons don’t leave anything out. These wide-ranging advertisements come in many forms. Advertising is a science, an art. It comes down to holding the hand of psychology. Constant advertising attacks the human senses. So when we get caught up in those ads,

I don’t understand that. But then out of it There is no escape. The question is, why the temptation when the goods are of good quality? A few short-term discounts, one-on-one free, wouldn’t entice so many adventurous things? Plus, great actors to impress.

Today, young and old artists advertise Are proven to entangle consumers in magic. They get paid for it, don’t they? In fact, these advertisements are not real information, it is a brainstorming, there are threats and temptations given with love. Today millions of rupees have been spent for these advertisements. Music, copywriter,

Jingles writers, photographers, The cost of all these models is more than the cost of production. This means that all advertising costs are borne by the customer. Today the competition has increased. New products are coming every day.

Advertising to bring it before the people It is an effective medium used. Today, with the elections approaching, advertisements for candidates’ campaigns are flashing. Today, the consumer is also confused. They look at the advertisements, discuss them and decide which goods to buy. How often do you experience that

The bigger the ad, the bigger the goods No quality. This means that the information provided in the advertisement is not true. It’s just the brainchild of the customer. Such a big advertisement means ….?

There will be no alternative to advertising in the future. Whether you want to see the ads or not, you have to see the ads. The more popular the program, the more advertisements. That is the rate of advertisements! Beyond your comprehension!

Day and night – Advertising – Advertising – Advertising!

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